2017 18 Elections and Appointments

Candidates’ Showcase – See what our prospective leaders have to say!

Every year we hold elections for the most senior roles in our district.  Each District Council member has a vote, and in order to help them choose, we are running a Candidates’ Showcase before the Council Meeting, chaired by Immediate Past District Director Jean Gamester, DTM and Past Division Governor, Chris Howell, DTM.

This year, the Candidates’ Showcase will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday the 6th of May at the Mayflower Conference in Southampton.  This is prior to the District Council Meeting at 15:30 pm on the same day.

At the Showcase, each candidate will have five minutes answer questions related to the achievement of the district mission.  They have the opportunity to make an opening and closing statement.  Candidates for the same role will receive the same questions.    Note that no census or poll is taken at the Showcase, this is simply the voters opportunity to get to know the candidates better before they make their voting choices later in the day.

The Showcase will be held for candidates for the following roles; District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Director.  Candidates who have been already nominated by the District Leadership Committee are entitled to participate, as are eligible candidates who wish to run from the floor in the Council meeting later that day.

If you are intending to stand from the floor, please contact Jean Gamester (jeantm@semaphora.com) in advance of the Showcase to validate your eligibility and to add your name to the running order.

Nominated Candidates for District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Directors


In order to ensure successful district elections, the district director appointed a District Leadership Committee.  This committee’s whose work is critical in ensuring long-term district success and their role was to seek out prospective candidates, evaluate and interview candidates, and then nominate candidates.

Here are the nominations for positions on the District Executive Council for the 2017/2018 Toastmasters year, for the election to be held on the 6th of May 2017 at the District Council. 

District Leadership Team Trio Members

Position Candidate
District Director Pedro Casillas
Program Quality Director Andy Hammond
Club Growth Director Florian Bay

For Division Directors:

Div Candidate 
A Steve Vear
B Joanna Szoska
C Robert Wyatt
H Arnaud Sartre
J John Christie
J Alison Morris
K Tomasz Kropiewnicki
L Seema Menon

You can see the full report of the nominations committee here.

Note that one candidate, Simon Cooper, was originally nominated by the committee, but has withdrawn his candidacy.

Jean Gamester, DTM, District 91 Leadership Committee Chair, February 2017

Floor Candidates


Floor candidates may declare their intent to run now that the DLC results have been announced.

For further campaigning information that is made available to all floor candidates, and to be included in the schedule of presenters at the candidates showcase prior to the council meeting, please contact District Director, Vanessa King.

At the elections, the District Director will inquire whether there are additional nominations from the floor.

I. Floor candidates must be nominated by a member of the district council or their proxyholder. Floor candidates may self nominate when they are a member of the district council or a proxyholder.
II. Floor candidates or, in their absence, their representatives state their eligibility qualifications.
III. Floor candidates for district director, program quality director, club growth director, and division director must sign the Officer Release and Statement For prior to the election.

Election and Role Information



Appointed District Leadership Team Roles


The following roles are appointed by the incoming District Director – Public Relations Manager, Finance Manager or Administration Manager, as well as any committee roles such as for the Alignment Committtee, District Chief Judge and District Leadership Committee.  If you would like to find out more about these roles, or express interest, please contact any of the current District Trio (Vanessa King DTM, Pedro Casillas DTM, Andy Hammond DTM).


Area Director Elections


Please click here for information on the Area Director Role.

Please click here for the AREA-DIRECTOR-ELECTION-PROCEDURE, including information on how to notify the District Director of the results of the election.


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