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DLT Dispatches – May 2018

Pedro Casillas – District Director (DD)

District Council & District Executive Committee (DEC) – update

Following a very successful District Council (Sat 5 May) and DEC meeting on (Fri 4 May), we have published all documentation on D91 website. Please take a moment to take a look at these important documents:

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Meet a Leader – Fabio de Sio

Those of you who attended the District 91 Spring Conference will have seen fabulous Fabio de Sio (FDS) when he won the International Speech Contest. Fabio also won the hearts of the audience, and judges, with his unique and enchanting speech on having the courage to be true to yourself. I (Nigel Oseland – NO) was looking forward to meeting up with this charismatic young man.

NO: What did it feel like to win the International speech contest?
FDS: It was a huge surprise. I only been a member for six months and I entered the contest as a bit of a joke. I spent quite a while trying to find a suitable club to improve my English and my public speaking. I never received good feedback on my speaking, so it was amazing to win locally and then at the district conference.

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New Free Webinar Series

Barry O’Connell has set D91 up with a new series of monthly free webinars providing masterclasses in marketing. Follow the links to sign-up:


The monthly Club Strengthening & Rebuilding Forum will run on the first Sunday of every month. Follow this single registration link to access the webinar each month.

Meet the District Leadership Team for 2018-2019

Andy Hammond – District Director

I joined Toastmasters 17 years ago, in January 2001. I have held continuous membership since then, and took out dual membership of County Communicators, the club I founded, in 2009. I have served in every Club Officer role except VP Membership, although I am not sure how I missed that one! I have also served at every District Officer level so far. In addition, I have served as Conference Director, and Pathways Ambassador.

I am fully committed to the Toastmasters Core Values because they reflect my own approach to life. I always try and lead by example and expect the same of others on the team. Demonstrating integrity through transparency of decisions, and being honest enough to say “I don’t know” or “I got that wrong”; respecting different views and being willing to learn from others; always remembering the principles of servant leadership; and setting the highest standards of excellence, and making that the norm.

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Starting Salisbury Speakers: a Presidents Perspective – by Karen Chapman

Earlier this year, Salisbury Speakers celebrated becoming a chartered Toastmasters club! It has been a challenging experience and a steep learning curve for me personally but it has been one of my proudest achievements. I was lucky to have fantastic support from the local community, neighbouring Toastmaster clubs and Area/Division/District management, and through this, I have met so many amazing people, and have had unique experiences such as speaking on BBC Wiltshire radio.

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