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Top Tips for Membership Growth & Retention – Florian Bay

September is the membership renewal and Smedley Award season for Toastmasters clubs. In this short video, Florian Bay, our Club Growth Director (CGD), shares his top tips on membership growth and retention.

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3 Ways Toastmasters Changed My Life – By Shola Kaye

Two and a half years ago, I attended my very first Toastmasters meeting. At the time I had no idea what a profound effect Toastmasters would have upon my life and career! Now, as I look back over my time as a member it’s easy to see the amazing impact it has had.

Over a decade ago I was ‘let go’ from an account director role. I hadn’t contributed enough during business meetings because I was too shy to speak up! Ironically, I later ended up working as a professional singer, but I knew I had a bone to pick with public speaking and realised that it was an issue I would eventually have to tackle.

As such, I’d been meaning to attend a Toastmasters meeting, literally, for more than two years before my first visit. One day, I found myself as a visitor at what would become my club, Grosvenor Square Speakers in Central London. I attended 3 consecutive meetings as a guest, and after the 3rd meeting, I joined, knowing I could resist no longer!

If I had to sum up the ways in which Toastmasters has had the biggest impact upon me, I’d say it was in the areas of leadership, community and openness.  Read More

Success and the Smedley Award by Florian Bay

Every club welcoming 5 new members during the months of August and September will automatically receive the Smedley Award for membership growth! Don’t miss out an opportunity to add another ribbon to your club banners. A club banners full of ribbons is always an amazing talking points for guests and members alike.

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DLT Dispatches – August 2017

Pedro Casillas (District Director)

In the days running up to the International Convention, leadership training, elections and the Annual Business Meeting takes place. The Board of Directors presented amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International and Club Constitution. Every Toastmasters club has had the opportunity to vote on these proposed amendments and I as District Director for D91, have been entrusted with the proxy votes of those clubs who are unable to attend.

One proposal that raised most concern among our members would “allow individual members to submit their application and pay their dues online, when verified by a club officer”. The wording of the proposal appears to make it mandatory for all clubs, but it was confirmed that is not the case by Toastmasters CEO, Daniel Rex, and International President, Mike Storkey, when I raised the question with them.

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First Time Conventioneer by Florian Bay

I didn’t knew what to expect ahead of my first Convention and District Leader Training in Vancouver and all I can say is “Awesome!” to paraphrase our North American friends.

What will really stay with me beyond the excitement of taking part in the opening ceremony, or the brilliance of speakers competing in the semi-finals and final of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Is the shared passion and enthusiasm that fellow members from all over the world share about our organisation. I’m excited to have built an international network with fellow Club Growth Directors, leaders and members from all over. Plenty of ideas, best practices and encouragement will be exchanged over the coming months. Read More