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Assign your Proxy 2017-18

Club Presidents and Secretaries you will have received an email from Toastmasters International regarding assigning your proxy.


Your club has an important vote to cast during the Annual Business Meeting at the Toastmasters International Convention. Clubs will vote to elect the international officers and directors to the 2017-2018 Board of Directors as well as vote on Proposals for the amendment to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International.

See Proposals for details and Proxy Frequently Asked Questions for additional information which helps to clarify the Proposal.

As provided in the Bylaws of Toastmasters International, Article X, Section 1, a Toastmasters club in good standing is entitled to two votes at the Annual Business Meeting. To make your club’s vote count, assign your proxy and cast your votes in one of three ways:

  1. Send a delegate from the club who is attending the Annual Business Meeting to carry your club votes.
  1. Designate the 2017-2018 District Director Pedro Casillas to act as your club proxy.
  1. Designate an active member of another club to act as your club proxy.

NOTE: The club president or secretary must assign the club votes. If the votes are not assigned, they cannot be cast. Votes must be assigned even if you are assigning the votes to yourself.

 You can assign them to District Director Pedro Casillas

To assign the club votes, go to www.toastmasters.org/clubcentral, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for and click on Assign/Delegate International Election Club Proxy.

Once your club proxy is assigned, please advise the proxyholder to do the following:

  1. Visit Credentials to obtain an electronic voting keypad prior to the Annual Business Meeting.
    For questions or additional information, please email proxyinfo@toastmasters.org or you may visit Proxy Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Attend the Annual Business Meeting to cast your votes. You must be present at the meeting to cast your votes using the voting keypad.


Paul Rhys-TaylorFrom District Administration Manager Paul Rhys-Taylor

Final Message from the District Director 2016/17

I hope your 2016-17 year of membership in District 91 was an exciting, enjoyable year of learning and development for you. I hope you have shared your learning with others and invited friends and colleagues to your club. I hope you have had many opportunities to stretch yourself, to discover something about yourself that you didn’t know you had within you. I hope your club has given you a safe place to take risks and try new things and I hope you have given back to your club in equal measure.

I was very  proud to receive this letter of congratulations (on the left) from International President Mike Storkey and Toastmasters CEO Dan Rex, on behalf of all our wonderful leaders who have worked so hard for the benefit of our members.

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I’m a Toastmasters contest virgin. Yes, I’ve entered club contests and I’ve even been to a division contest, but I’ve never made it to the big one, the district conference never-mind the International Convention. So, the Road to Vancouver (twitter hashtag #road2vancouver) was my first opportunity to see a district champion present their winning International Speech. But amazingly, not only did I get to see one district champion, but four. And I was spoilt even further, as each speaker was evaluated by five previous district champions.

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Smedley Award – 01 August to 30 September

Ralph Smedley set up Toastmasters in 1924, see the vintage footage of Ralph below. Each year we hold a membership building contest in his honour – the Smedley Award.

Just gain 5 new members between 01 August and 30 September to receive a club ribbon and a 10% discount code for Toastmasters merchandise. More importantly, keep you club stimulating and energised by attracting new members and growing your club.

Find out more about the membership building contests on Toastmasters.org.

DLT Dispatches – July 2017


Pedro Casillas, District Director

With the new year underway, our focus across District 91 has been to ensure that everyone on the new team, has attended training so that we can all play our part in the continuing growth and success of each of our members.

At the end of last month, our Program Quality Director, Andy Hammond, organised an excellent District Officer Training (DOT) with Division and Area Directors where we covered the District Recognition Program and laid out our plans for the year ahead.

Following on from training, Division and Area Directors have started Club Officer Training (COT), which will continue throughout July and into August. Our goal for this first part of the year is for each club to send all 7 club officers to club officer training, and as an incentive we will be presenting those clubs who send all 7 a brilliant set of club officer pins.

To your continued success.

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Proxy Votes

Club officers will have received an email regarding proxy votes for the Business Meeting at the International Convention in Vancouver.

In this short Facebook video Vanessa, our past District 91 Director, explains proxies and the benefits of being a club officer and attending District Council meetings.

Remember to assign your club’s proxy votes if you are not attending the convention.


Meet a Leader – Simon Bucknall

Simon is a very busy man. As we approach the International Convention in Vancouver, our District 91 International Speech Contest winner spends his spare time hopping on and off trains travelling to practice his two contest speeches in clubs across the district. Nigel Oseland (NO), our new D91 PR Manager caught up with Simon Bucknall (SB) on a slow and noisy train from Kent.

NO> Simon, I’m quite good at accents but can’t quite place yours; in Hamwic Speakers’ video of the District 91 Contest, you appear to be based in middle-England.

SB> I live in Streatham in South London, Guy applied artistic license to the outside of the house, but I was interviewed at the piano in my living room. I’m originally from Worcestershire but we move around a lot and I have lived in twelve different places.

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End of year report from District Director, Vanessa King

Fellow Toastmasters,

I can hardly believe it, but the 30th of June 2017 is finally here and it’s time to celebrate all that we’ve achieved.

Vanessa King
District Director

Our figures are not yet final, but at the time of writing we welcomed the following:

New clubs to the District

Infineum Milton Hill Speakers, Hungerford Speakers, Tottenham Speakers Club, Bristol Central Speakers, Google UK Speakers, Clapham Connectors, Wellington Management London Toastmasters Club, Central London Toastmasters, Horsham Toastmasters, Yahoo UK, db Toastmasters – Canary Wharf and Master Speakers.

We hope to also to welcome Blue Fin at Telstra to our D91 family, and we have a further 15 clubs in the pre-charter stages. Our clubs welcomed over 2000 new members during the year, 45 members registered 3 or more educational awards this year, and more than 750 educational achievements logged with Toastmasters International.

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Toastmasters International Convention, why did I attend? By Arnaud Sartre

After attending the World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) Finals in Las Vegas, in 2015, I discovered something new, something I did not quite understand at the time, but something that left me wanting more. To paraphrase Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (WCPS, 2014), I saw something, but I did not know what it was … So I decided to attend the Convention in Washington, DC in 2016. I wanted to experience the event from start to finish whilst visiting a city I had never been to before – this is always a bonus!

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District Officer Training for D91 – 25 June 2017

In this year’s District Officer Training we’ll be looking at our goals, what we want to achieve as an organisation, and when these objectives will be met.  There will be some training to follow.

Read more for our agenda for what promises to be a most enlightening meeting.

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