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Spring Conference 2018 Photos #2

More magic moments from the Spring Conference 2018 – workshops, keynotes, hustings and the gala dinner.

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Spring Conference 2018 Photos #1

We are reliving the fond memories of  the D91 Spring Conference 2018 through these marvellous photos of our  hosts and contestants of the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

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PR & Comms Award Winners

Congratulations to the D91 PR & Comms Awards winners:

  • Paul Branley-Jones & Arun Speakers – An effective use of social media which increase their visibility externally to attract new members. They have great engagement, across clubs, on Facebook and also use MeetUp, consolidate accounts wit other clubs bringing about substantial cost savings. A highlight of Arun’s external PR activities is their work with the Prince’s Trust at Highbury College. This support has received wonderful testimonials from those involved and attracted good press coverage.
  • Ula Howlett & Microsoft Speakers Club – The club’s has grown from 5 to 20+ members driven by a creative use of LinkedIn. Meetings photos are added to this social network, commented on and participants tagged in order to gain more exposure. The club has already offered to shared its PR techniques and how these could be replicated for struggling clubs.
  • Rose Marie Calder & Leighton Buzzard Better Speakers – Since 2015, Roase Marie and the club has developed a working relationship with the Leighton-Linslade Council. They have been Master of Ceremonies for several festivals including the Big Lunch, Day by the Canal and the Christmas Lights Festival. Community events, such as the above, spread the word of Toastmasters to a wider audience. Rose Marie also hosts a hospital radio show and regularly invites Toastmasters to speak on the show.

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DLT Dispatches – May 2018

Pedro Casillas – District Director (DD)

District Council & District Executive Committee (DEC) – update

Following a very successful District Council (Sat 5 May) and DEC meeting on (Fri 4 May), we have published all documentation on D91 website. Please take a moment to take a look at these important documents:

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Meet a Leader – Fabio De Sio

Those of you who attended the District 91 Spring Conference will have seen fabulous Fabio De Sio (FDS) when he won the International Speech Contest. Fabio also won the hearts of the audience, and judges, with his unique and enchanting speech on having the courage to be true to yourself. I (Nigel Oseland – NO) was looking forward to meeting up with this charismatic young man.

NO: What did it feel like to win the International speech contest?
FDS: It was a huge surprise. I only been a member for six months and I entered the contest as a bit of a joke. I spent quite a while trying to find a suitable club to improve my English and my public speaking. I never received good feedback on my speaking, so it was amazing to win locally and then at the district conference.

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