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How to do a Club Success Plan..

With Post-It Notes!

Goals Goals Goals.. yes I know the Euros are on but those aren’t the sort of goals I’m talking about…

I’m talking about your educational awards, your progress in the Toastmasters Program.

Now, not everyone wants to set goals and I’m completely fine with that. One of the many wonderful things about the Toastmasters program is the fact that it is entirely self-paced. It’s up to you when you what to do something and there are lots of people who are quite happy attending meetings and just having a good time not concerning themselves with goals and progress and recognition (oh my!)

CSP Poster 2This idea is for members and club committees who do want to set themselves goals and do so in a fun way.

I spotted this idea on the The Official Toastmasters International Members Group on Facebook.  Many thanks to incoming VP Education Kathy Shine, DTM of Cream City Communicators, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Her club completed Moments of Truth two weeks ago. They have already implemented several suggestions from our members and have begun to develop plans for further action that will be included in their 2016-2017 Club Success Plan.

One suggestion was to find a way to display member goals and progress in a non-threatening and non-embarrassing way for all members, and to encourage others who are taking a slower pace as they focus on building self confidence.

Their solution: they invited their members to sign their name and indicate their goal on a super-sticky post-it note, then placed them all on a large poster board marked simply as “2016-2017 GOALS.” They plan to have a second poster labelled “2016-2017 GOALS COMPLETED” and members can move their post-its from one board to the other in a simple recognition ceremony during a club meeting. What a great photo opportunity!

CSP PosterThey have several fun, colorful shapes:

  • crown shaped post-it notes for members who want to work toward their Triple Crown award
  • red apple post-its are for members who want to serve as mentors – they will be paired up with a green apple / mentee
  • dialogue post-its for people who want to attend their first conference or convention
  • other post-its for goals specific to their club, for example Club Ambassador, being part of their traveling “Cream Team” (a Capture the Banner program, which sounds a lot like Thomas the Travelling Gavel in Area 55)
  • stars for Competent Leader and Communicator awards
  • clouds for Advanced Leader and Communicator awards

It’s a Club Success Plan on a poster board! Why not try it in your club? If you do, send photos to

New Members Workshop

Holborn Speakers are pleased to announce that the New Members Workshop will be taking place Tuesday 26 April 2016 at The Temple Bar Pub, WC2.

This fun and informative event is perfect for anyone who has recently joined Toastmasters or for members who would like to learn more about how to make the most of their Toastmasters experience.

Here are a few of the topics that will be covered:

Brief history of Toastmasters
How to make the most of the Toastmasters manuals
How to find support and a mentor
Setting goals for your Toastmaster year
…and much more!

trangFurther Details:

The workshop will take place Tuesday 26 April.

Venue: The Temple Bar Pub, 1 Milford Ln, London WC2R 3LL (close to Temple underground station).

Please arrive at 6.30 for 6.45 start.

Holborn Speakers website

Berkeley Square Speakers – themed meeting

Berkeley Square Speakers – themed meeting – an excellent topical theme…

Berkeley Square Speakers - themed meetingA president. A CEO. An astronaut. A Toastmaster.
What do all of these people have in common? They are women. Strong, invincible, inspirational.

In today’s business-centric world they lead some of the most successful FTSE companies. They are breadwinners, decision makers, and carers, influencing purchasing decisions and nurturing future generations. On the political scene, we witness them affect much needed change, impacting local and international policy and fighting for human and political rights, equality and freedom.

In honour of International Women’s Day, Berkeley Square Speakers (Area 9) are excited to host a meeting to celebrate this occasion. We invite you to join us on Wednesday 24 February 2016 at 7:15AM, at the Home of Phileas J. Fogg, Esq. (15 Bruton Lane, W1J 6JD) to celebrate the women in your life, and share your inspiring stories!

Register your interest by indicating your attendance on our club’s EasySpeak page or on (


Ascot Speakers are all heart!

Ascot Speakers are showing an innovative approach to their membership building campaign.

From 1 February – 31 March Toastmasters International clubs can participate in Talk Up Toastmasters.  Clubs can hold an Open House meeting to share what Toastmasters has to offer with a wide range of guests.  If your club gains 5 or more members during this period you get a Talk Up Toastmaster ribbon for your banner, a discount at the TM shop, and…most importantly…the satisfaction of knowing you’ve encourage more people to take their first step on their Toastmasters journey of learning and discovery.

Read more about membership building contests:

And find out more about Ascot Speakers

Next meeting on 10 February 2016:

Ascot Speakers valentine

Special spooky speaking London Athenians…

From Nicola Jones, London Athenians

How to spice up a regular club meeting

spooky speaking London Athenians At London Athenians we’re always looking out for new ways to engage, entertain and challenge our members; in particular tailoring the content while retaining the core programme of table topics, speeches and evaluators. We would like to share the highlights of one of our special meetings, the Campfire Night, with the wider London Speaker community and share our top tips on adding some spice to the regular meetings. Our special night had stories, debates and singing around the campfire, all with a Halloween theme.

So let’s take a look at what was different from a regular meeting night:

• Theme – as our Campfire Night was on the 27th October, a Halloween theme was an obvious choice. We are lucky that our venue is usually already decorated for Halloween, but a few members brought some additional spooky items to set the scene.

• Campfire – clearly there are health and safety issues around having a real fire! The next best option was to ask members to bring along lanterns and candles, which were set up in a circle in the middle of the room. It was really effective and we found that members felt empowered walking around the circle of light.

• Room layout – deviating from the norm the chairs were laid out in a circle using the whole space. We had about 40 members and guests and this was a very inclusive and sociable layout. It encouraged people to take part without feeling intimidated by reducing the formality.

• Agenda – the agenda format was adapted in EasySpeak to align with our revised format. We amended the timing to allocate Table Topics time for up to 40 speakers! We also added a couple of entertainment timeslots, adapted a couple of the speaker slots for debaters and increased the overall number of prepared speeches. This was important as we needed to know we could tailor the programme, but still finish the meeting at 9.30pm.

• Tailoring the core programme – Table Topics with a twist! All attendees were given a number from 1 to 3 and everyone in the circle had the opportunity to speak; the 1s asked impromptu questions, the 2s responded in 1 minute and the 3s evaluated. The round robin Table Topics were a great success, encouraging even new guests to speak.

Candlelight was a fitting setting for a couple of spooky tales in the prepared speeches, followed by a friendly “roast” about our President, Ashen Dachtler.

As you may know London Athenians is blessed with members and guests from around the world. To make the most of that, in another deviation from the norm, we heard a debate between a Danish member and an Italian member, each attempting to persuade the audience that their country was better than the other. Votes were cast and Italy won the day for that particular debate!

Be surprisingMarta Mathea Radwan and her fellow singing enthusiasts from the London Open Choir were invited to warm up our voices with some fun and energetic vocal exercises. We started with the fundamentals including breathing, sound and volume. Shedding any fear of looking foolish, everyone threw themselves into the experience and soon Marta had the whole room making sweet music with our voices and not an instrument in sight. The London Open Choir welcomes any amateurs, musicians, singers and actors who are curious and enjoy a creative atmosphere to improve your musical skills.

London Open Choir Oct 2015From left to right (in black): Members of the London Open Choir: Richard Scottow, Ewa Sokolowska, Marta Mathea Radwan (Director), Faiza and Krystian Godlewski


With careful planning and unbounded enthusiasm, our Campfire Night was a resounding success and we hope you can take away some ideas for tailoring your meetings.

London Athenians

We meet every Tuesday evening at 7.15pm, upstairs at the Hop Poles Pub in Hammersmith, W6. London Athenians Toastmasters Club website

Darkness falls and the Campfire Night begins…

spooky speaking London Athenians