Toastmasters International Convention, why did I attend? By Arnaud Sartre

After attending the World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) Finals in Las Vegas, in 2015, I discovered something new, something I did not quite understand at the time, but something that left me wanting more. To paraphrase Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (WCPS, 2014), I saw something, but I did not know what it was … So I decided to attend the Convention in Washington, DC in 2016. I wanted to experience the event from start to finish whilst visiting a city I had never been to before – this is always a bonus!

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Contest Preparation Workshops

Contest Season Fast Approaching

For many, entering contests is a must, commenting it’s ‘fun‘, ‘challenging‘, ‘takes you further‘ and ‘what comfort zone?‘. For the many other members, they run a mile. However, there’s more to contests than being a contestant.

If your club is hosting the contest, at club, area or division level, they’ll be looking to you to assist, calling out for volunteers and there are plenty of roles to fill. Of course, let’s not forget there’s a need for the all important judges too.

The District Chief Judge, Andy O’Sullivan is holding two events: –

7 FebruaryOrganising a Contest

28 FebruaryJudging workshop

These workshops are open to all members. Find out more about running fantastic contests which showcase both speech and leadership skills. 

It Takes a Village

“And first place and the District 91 Humorous Speech Champion for 2015…Selina Jones”. I gasped and jumped out of my seat as the room applauded. I couldn’t believe I had won!

But actually, I hadn’t won at all. Or rather, I certainly hadn’t won on my own – this was a real team effort, as I think all Toastmaster’s contests are. Read More

I owe this to Toastmasters

A little bit over one year ago, I arrived in the UK. After a life time of being conditioned what I should and should not be doing, I came to the UK to pursue a new job and to build a new life.

Moving from Vodafone Egypt to Vodafone Group in the UK I was appointed to be a service manager, a role where I will have a team to lead, presentations to make, and studies to prepare, I needed to take my personality and my confidence to a whole new level.

I joined Toastmasters back in March 2016, and I was hooked, I originally joined Newbury Speakers club, and soon after I decided to join Ascot Speakers as well. Read More

Awaken the Giant Within

Okay, okay, I need to attribute this title to the great Antony Robbins, but on Tuesday 11 October 2016 my ‘Giant’ sprang into action.

Just over six months ago the thought of public speaking (like with so many others) would have driven a stake through my heart and until the speech had been delivered, every living moment would have increased the intensity of waves of nausea. I know I am not alone here and that most Toastmasters start off their journey in same state of dismay. Read More

Congratulations to our Winners

Our 2016 District 91 Table Topics Champion is:

Andrew Klimaytys

Our 2016 District 91 Humorous Speech Champion is:

Dallas Leigh-Martene

Many congratulations to both of them.



Division L contest winners

From Division L

The Division L contests held on Saturday 15 October 2016 at the London Business School were incredibly popular and well supported. Eventbrite had allocated 91 tickets but there were at least 105 people in the room and every one there was treated to a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment. A visitor from District 71 said The venue was lovely; the atmosphere was vibrant and the speeches were amazing

The first contest started  promptly at 14:00 Steve Brewer Division L Director welcomed everyone and introduced Andrew Tollinton the chair for the Humorous Speech Contest who warmed the audience up then cooled them down with the rules and warmed the up again with serious business of having fun. Division L was fortunate to have eight competitors Mopani Mkandawire,Angela Meringolo,Nick Youngman,Irene Bradshaw,Philippa Ellis,Warren Sheng, Jane Harries and Sarah Mannan. All of whom made this contest worth winning.

The Division L Contest Winners – Humorous Speech:

1st Place Angela Meringolo

2nd Place Mopani Mkandawire

3rd Place Irene Bradshaw

Division L contest winners 2016

Our winners are pictured above with Steve and Andrew.

Lynne Cantor was the Contest Chair for the Table Topics Contest. She maintained the high standard that had been seen and heard in the Humorous Speech contest.There were some very clever answers to the question…If you excluded Cars and the mobile phone, what would you uninvent?

The seven contestants gave us a magnificent array of answers from the serious to the madcap, all of them giving inventive solutions to the problem set. Our contestants were: Daniel Broadhead, Freddie Daniells, Salem Al-Damluji, Jason Thompson, David Phelops, Jeremy Assous  and Angela Lansbury.

The Division L Contest Winners – Table Topics:

1st Place Daniel Broadhead

2nd Place Freddie Daniells

3rd Place Angela Lansbury

They are pictured below with Lynne and Steve.

Division L contest winners 2016

A big “Thank you!”

Finally I would to say a big thank you to everyone that helped on the day to make this a big success and especially to Simon Cooper, Nick Westall and Andrew Tollinton who made the magic happen behind the scenes  in the days leading up to the event.Team work really does make the dream work so please come and support our champions Angela and Daniel at the Woking Conference on Saturday 5 November in Woking.

Register to support your Division L winners at the District Conference

Conference Schedule – Toastmasters UK South – District 91 Members

Area 56 Contest results

Area L56 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests. It was an evening  filled with joy, laughter and we also had a special non toastmasters guest, Sophie Clark, who came to talk to us about the importance of how we communicate,she was very impressed with the standard of the competitions.
All five competitors in each competition made both competitions worth winning such was the high standard.
The Humorous Speech contest was between Sarah Mannan, Matthew Robinson, Jane Harries, Caroline Moronfolu and Andy Strang. First, second and third were Sarah, Matthew and Jane respectively.

The Table Topics competition was keenly contested by five challengers, Jason Thompson, Sayara Beg, Matthew Robinson, Richard Balfour and Rudi Yagor.  First, second and third were Jason, Sayara and Matthew.

We are very pleased to see Sarah and Matthew and Jason and Sayara go through to the Division Contests which are to be held at the London Business School on the 15 October 2016.

Please follow the link to get your tickets for what promises to be very good contests.

Area 46 Contest results

Area A46 contest was a great but slick meeting managed efficiently by hosting club Basingstoke Speakers.  It was lovely to see Microsoft Speakers join us for the first time in a number of years.

The winners going through to represent our area are Mark Best from Basingstoke Speakers for Humorous Speech

A46 Kate Jones and Mark Best

A46 Kate Jones and Mark Best

and Chris Boden from Reading Speakers for Table Topics – Good luck to them.

A46 Kate Jones and Chris Boden

A46 Kate Jones and Chris Boden

Area 46 Director – Kate Jones

Division C Contests on Saturday 15 October

Fellow Toastmasters,

Division C contestsWe would love to welcome all toastmasters on the morning of 15 October 2016 for the first ever Division C Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests!!!!  They will take place at LBS, London NW1 near Baker Street Station.

We are by far the smallest division in the district in terms of area covered but this means that we are the most concentrated in terms of talent.

Come and see the best in our division compete to entertain you and make you laugh.

Please click on the link below to reserve your free space

Dudley Flynn

Division C Director