Division C

London Club Growth Committee, by Graeme Phillips

The plans for a London Club Growth Committee (LCGC) are coming together and my High Performance Leadership Committee is now in place.  I am now keen to find people to join the LCGC itself who I can empower to take the vision forward.

Some things are difficult for the formal setup to offer and my vision is for a less formal committee to support and supplement D91’s offering, acting as a one-stop-shop for new and struggling London clubs.  For instance, a possible activity for the committee is to compile a master list of London venues that are accommodating to TMI clubs, rather than the current situation of prospective clubs having to start the search from scratch.


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Division C contests – results!

From Dudley Flynn, Division C Director

The highlight of the Division C conference, held at the prestigious London Business School in Regents Park on Saturday 8th April were the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

The International Speech Contestants were:
•    Christina Alaby
•    Ola Aralepo
•    Edwin Atiegobo-Bello
•    Tom Donnelly
•    Ben Siskand

Div C Intl Speech winner 2017

And the winners were
1. Ola Aralepo
2. Christina Alaby
3. Tom Donnelly

The Evaluation contestants were:
•    Marta Garcia-Salvador
•    Tazud Miah
•    Laurent Nicourt
•    David Saer

Div C Eval winner 2017

And the winners were
1. Tazud Miah
2. David Saer

The final of both contests will be held at the District 91 Conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017

Check out details of the contests and the conference: http://d91toastmasters.org.uk/conference/

Division C Contests – results

From Dudley Flynn, Division C Director

The highlight of the Division C event, held at LBS were the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests.  Both the Division C Contests had a very high standard and our speakers skills were appreciated and admired by the audience.

The Humorous Speech Contestants were:

•    Florian Allwein
•    Ian Hawkins
•    Laurent Nicourt
•    David Saer
•    Alice Shone

And the winners were
1.    Ian Hawkins
2.    Laurent Nicourt
3.    Florian Allwein

The Table Topics contestants were:

•    Gosbert Chagula
•    David Jones
•    Emel Rolon
•    David Saer
•    Iain Scott

And the winners were
1.    David Saer
2.    Gosbert Chagula
3.    David Jones

What happens after the Division C Contests?

The final of round of both contests! These will be held at the District 91 Conference in Woking on Saturday 5 November. Find out more here: http://d91toastmasters.org.uk/conference/

Division C Contests -Humorous Speech winner 2016

Ian Hawkins winner of the humorous speech contest with his Early Bird “fan club” supporting him at the contest

Back Row: Shaheen Mufti, Neil Coleman, Mark Pratt, Bianca Tate, Patrick Baron, Lissi Corfield, Rachel Sparks Front Row: Tazud Miah, Patti Drewek, Iain Scott, IH, President Mindy Jhittay, Jenie Sparkes

Division C Contests -Table Topics winner 2016

David Saer winner of the table topics contest with St Pauls Speakers Co-Presidents Caroline Morgan and Thien Trang.

Area C5 Contests – results

From Jeremy Robinson, Area C5 Director Area C5 Contests

The first ever Area 5 contests took place on 10 October 2016 at the Counting House in Cornhill.

We were treated to four superb humorous speeches: Laurent Nicourt, Rob Knight, Chris Mader and David Salamons battled for our hearts and our laughs.  Laurent and Rob came first and second, respectively.

In the table topics, Emel Salamanca Rolon, Laurent Nicourt, Taz Miah and Sammy Amareh soared up to the sun and looked down at the sea and in the end Emel and Laurent came first and second, respectively.

Laurent and Emel now go on to the Division C finals at London Business School on this coming Saturday, 15 October.  Get there if you can: it promises to be a superb day of contests!

Register for the Division C Contests

Register for free here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/first-ever-division-c-humorous-speech-and-table-topics-contests-tickets-28421074198

Division C Contests on Saturday 15 October

Fellow Toastmasters,

Division C contestsWe would love to welcome all toastmasters on the morning of 15 October 2016 for the first ever Division C Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests!!!!  They will take place at LBS, London NW1 near Baker Street Station.

We are by far the smallest division in the district in terms of area covered but this means that we are the most concentrated in terms of talent.

Come and see the best in our division compete to entertain you and make you laugh.

Please click on the link below to reserve your free space


Dudley Flynn

Division C Director