Join Us for the Hall of Fame!

Greetings fellow Toastmasters!

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to come to the District Conference on the 5th of November, please watch this message from District Director Vanessa King about the Hal of Fame. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our members.

District 91 at the Washington DC International Convention

Congratulations to everyone in District 91.  Members who attended the Toastmasters International Convention in Washington DC joined the leadership team on stage as our collective achievements for 2015/16 were recognised.

D91 Washington international convention

News from PR Manager Helena Brewer

Helena Brewer PR Manager

Helena Brewer
PR Manager

What’s going on this month,

  • membership drive time
  • Convention in Washington
  • first FREE Leadership Institute
  • budding writers…

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DTM’s Awarded at Watford Speakers

DTM lightning strikes twice at Watford Speakers
Steve Brewer Division L Director

Steve Brewer
Division L Director


For the second time in three years Watford Speakers have had the privilege of having not one but two of their members reach Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) status.

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Star Performers

Just as club have a Distinguished Club Program to recognise the achievements of clubs in serving their members, Districts also have a District Recognition Program.

Divine Divisions

We have an excellent group of leaders in our district and I’m pleased to say that all 5 of our divisions have achieved Select Distinguished Division or better.

In particular, we celebrate the achievement of Neil Coleman, Division B Director. All seven of his areas have achieved Distinguished or better.


Congratulations also to our other Division Directors on their achievements:

Richard-Blackman-150x150 Richard Blackman, Division J Director, President’s Distinguished Division

Barry-Greenan-150x150 Barry Greenan, Division L Director, President’s Distinguished Division

Doug-New Doug New, Division H Director, Select Distinguished Division

Samir-Malak-portrait-200x300 Samir Malak, acting Division K Director, Select Distinguished Division

Awesome Areas

The following areas have achieved something very special. Excellence means doing more than the minimum required for recognition and the following Area Directors have certainly done that, because 100% of their clubs have achieved Distinguished or better:

Julia-Kettlewell-150x150 Julia Kettlewell, Area 52

dawn-rowlatt-150x150 Dawn Rowlatt, Area 32

Laura-McHarrie Laura McHarrie, Area 42

Peter-Varholak-150x150 Peter Varholak, Area 58

Nick-Bailey-150x150 Nick Bailey, Area 21, plus one new club

Dudley-Flynn-150x150 Dudley Flynn, Area 47, plus one new club which is also distinguished!

David-Salamons-B45-Area-Director-150x150 David Salamons, Area 45, plus two new clubs

My journey from stammer to public speaker

By Tia Atanasova 

Why did I join Toastmasters?

I haTia Atanasovave always had a very lively, energetic, social personality.  I absolutely love being around people!  But as a child growing up with stammer, it was hard for me to find my voice.  Engaging an audience, no matter how big or small, was a deep rooted fear.  On the one hand, it made me a good listener.  But on the other hand, it was holding me back from what I wanted – to be a strong and eloquent speaker.  Not being able to express my thoughts, I spent a sufficient amount of time reading, mostly classic Russian novels, Ancient Greek literature and philosophical essays.  I ended up having so much to say, but at the same time so little confidence to stand up and do it.

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How to do a Club Success Plan..

With Post-It Notes!

Goals Goals Goals.. yes I know the Euros are on but those aren’t the sort of goals I’m talking about…

I’m talking about your educational awards, your progress in the Toastmasters Program.

Now, not everyone wants to set goals and I’m completely fine with that. One of the many wonderful things about the Toastmasters program is the fact that it is entirely self-paced. It’s up to you when you what to do something and there are lots of people who are quite happy attending meetings and just having a good time not concerning themselves with goals and progress and recognition (oh my!)

CSP Poster 2This idea is for members and club committees who do want to set themselves goals and do so in a fun way.

I spotted this idea on the The Official Toastmasters International Members Group on Facebook.  Many thanks to incoming VP Education Kathy Shine, DTM of Cream City Communicators, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Her club completed Moments of Truth two weeks ago. They have already implemented several suggestions from our members and have begun to develop plans for further action that will be included in their 2016-2017 Club Success Plan.

One suggestion was to find a way to display member goals and progress in a non-threatening and non-embarrassing way for all members, and to encourage others who are taking a slower pace as they focus on building self confidence.

Their solution: they invited their members to sign their name and indicate their goal on a super-sticky post-it note, then placed them all on a large poster board marked simply as “2016-2017 GOALS.” They plan to have a second poster labelled “2016-2017 GOALS COMPLETED” and members can move their post-its from one board to the other in a simple recognition ceremony during a club meeting. What a great photo opportunity!

CSP PosterThey have several fun, colorful shapes:

  • crown shaped post-it notes for members who want to work toward their Triple Crown award
  • red apple post-its are for members who want to serve as mentors – they will be paired up with a green apple / mentee
  • dialogue post-its for people who want to attend their first conference or convention
  • other post-its for goals specific to their club, for example Club Ambassador, being part of their traveling “Cream Team” (a Capture the Banner program, which sounds a lot like Thomas the Travelling Gavel in Area 55)
  • stars for Competent Leader and Communicator awards
  • clouds for Advanced Leader and Communicator awards

It’s a Club Success Plan on a poster board! Why not try it in your club? If you do, send photos to

D91 Nominations of the Year

District Nominations of the Year

After a busy 2015/2016 Toastmaster’s year, it’s time to reflect, recognise and acknowledge good deeds carried out during the year by handing out awards.  First of all, we need to receive your nominations.  Please complete the Nominations Form and email back to me by 30 June.

Now is your opportunity to nominate someone or a club for one of the following awards: –

  • Toastmaster of the Year
  • Area Director of the Year
  • Division Director of the Year
  • Club of the Year

I look forward to receiving your nominations.


Helena Brewer
D91 Administration Manager 2015-16

Monthly Mentions – DCP Progress

District 91 DCP Progress

72% of our clubs within District 91 have achieved Distinguished, with 12 of those being Presidents Distinguished.

Congratulations to the following clubs:

Division B

  • London Victorians
  • Berkeley Square Speakers Toastmasters Club
  • City Limits Speakers
  • Grosvenor Square Club

Division H

  • Wokingham Speakers
  • County Communicators

Division J

  • Thamesdown Speakers Club
  • Malvern Speakers

Division K

  • Bromley Speakers
  • 1st London Toastmasters

Division L

  • Holborn Speakers
  • WIBF Speakers-City Club

May Educational Achievements – Congratulations!


District 91 Educational Achievements for May

This is a really exciting time of year. Not only are we a Distinguished District, but the number of educational awards registered this month demonstrate members’ goals for themselves being achieved. This month a record 95 educational awards have been registered. The number of members achieving Triple Crown Awards continues to grow as well.

Member Award Name
Adamjee, Moez CC Cass Toastmasters
Addai, Loretta ACB WIBF Speakers-City Club
Alturkait, Fahad ACB London Victorians
Ashley-Hacker, Heidi CL Riverside Communicators
Attfield, Pamela CC Watford Speakers
Awi, Hazwan B CC Cardiff Toastmasters
Balmont, Thomas G CL Reading Speakers Club
Bassi, Leela CC Windsor Speakers Club
Beckwith, Sarah CL St Paul’s Speakers
Benoit, Hilary J. ACS Malvern Speakers
Bowes, David CC Croydon Communicators
Bradley, Carl CC London Public Speakers
Brescia, Lorenza CC LBS Public Speaking Club
Brewer, Helena E. ACB Aylesbury Speakers
Brown, Dan CC Brighton & Hove Speakers Toastmasters Club
Brown, Duncan CL Oxford Orators Club
Brown, Duncan ACG Abingdon Speakers
Campbell-Beattie, John ACG Armada Speakers
Chelinska, Katarzyna CL Polish Your Polish
Choudhury, Mahbub ACS Canary Wharf Communicators
Colucci, Marce CC Wokingham Speakers
Crossley, Daniel CC Purley Speakers
Davies, Stephen J. CC Abingdon Speakers
De La Cour, Isabel ALB Phoenix Speakers
Dewing, Rob CC Hamwic Speakers
Dolan, Rachel P. CC Clerkenwell Speakers
Down, John ALB Cheltenham Speakers
Florentin, David J CC Cardiff Toastmasters
Fone, Jim CL Angel Speakers
Furlonge, Daphne ACB Northern Lights Speakers
Gibson, Richard CL Berkeley Square Speakers
Griffin, Selina CC Aylesbury Speakers
Gupta, Sanjay ACS Tube Talk Toastmasters
Hajnovic, Frantisek CC Cardiff Toastmasters
Henderson, Kirsty CL Clerkenwell Speakers
Jackson, Barry Walker ALB Cheltenham Speakers
Johnston, Garth Adams CC Berkhamsted Speakers
Kalawe, Alunga CC Reading Speakers
Kaufmann, Felix ACB MLP London Bridge Speakers
Kulkarni, Ajit CC Canary Wharf Communicators
Lawes, Sandra P. CL 104 London Debaters
Loo, Shimi CC London Cardinals Club
McCarthy, Hugh CC City of London Toastmasters Club
Meringolo, Angela CC London Communicators
Miranda, Tracy CL Chiltern Speakers Club
Moffatt, Brian CC Wokingham Speakers
Morris, John CC Thame Speakers
Moss, Craig Darren ACS Berkhamsted Speakers
Mouskovias, Dimos CC City of London Toastmasters Club
Nayar, Meenakshi CC Harrovian Speakers
Newton, Karen ACS Porthcawl Speakers Club
Nweke, Victor E. CC Windsor Speakers Club
Ogbi, Husam CC Fluor Farnborough Speakers
Opitz, Anne CC WIBF Speakers-City Club
Parker, Peter CL Epsom Speakers Club
Parks, Nikita Alina Rosa CC Ascot Speakers
Parmar, Emil CC Deutsche Bank Toastmasters London
Patmore, Tim D. CC Oxford Speakers Club
Pettigrew, Neil CC Bromley Speakers
XX ALB 1st London Toastmasters
XX CC 1st London Toastmasters
Price, Robert P CC Abingdon Speakers
Purcell, Chris CC West London Speakers
Rahman, Sabrina CC Early Bird Speakers
Rauchenberg, Ricky CL Connected Speakers London
Rault, Odile CL Gloucester Speakers
Rocque Drayton, Gina ACB Croydon Communicators
Rory, McGill CL Armada Speakers
Saev, Emilio S. CC Ascot Speakers
Sartre, Arnaud ALB Toasted Sandwich Toastmasters Club
Shadrack, Ian Richard CL Ascot Speakers
Shah, Nikul CC Berkeley Square Speakers
Shen, Yining CC Deutsche Bank Toastmasters London
Simmons, Colin A. ACS Arun Speakers
Simmons, Colin A. ALB Arun Speakers
Simpson, Simon CL Phoenix Speakers
Sims, Andrew David ACS Wokingham Speakers
Skates, Eric ACG Wessex Speakers Club
Stones, Dan CL Armada Speakers
Stones, Jo CL Armada Speakers
Thayer, Joanna CC Wokingham Speakers
Timilsina, Subodh CL Tube Talk Toastmasters
Toomey, David ALB South West Speakers
Trehun, Prateek CC London Victorians
Varholak, Peter ACS 1st London Toastmasters
Walker, Christopher John CC St Pauls Speakers
Wallace, Dee Ann CC TJXpressions
Warden, Malcolm ACS Gloucester Speakers
Wenham, Leanne CC City of London Toastmasters Club
White, Jenny CC Lewisham Speakers Club
Wilkinson, Nigel CL Reading Speakers Club
Wood, Catherine CL Lewes Speakers Club
Wyatt, Robert ACB Purley Speakers
Wyatt, Robert CL Purley Speakers
Ye, Zhilan CC Cass Toastmasters
Triple Crown Awards

The following members have achieved three or more educational awards since July 1st 2015. Many congratulations to you all!

Member Count Award
Brewer, Helena E. 3 ALB, CL, ACB
Brown, Duncan 3 CL, ACS, ACG
Choudhury, Mahbub 3 ALB, CL, ACS
Frances, Coralie 3 ACG, ACS, DTM
Heyworth, Meg 3 LDREXC, CL, ACB
Kaye, Shola 4 ACB, CC, CL, ALB
King, Vanessa Louise 3 CL, ALB, CC
Lottig, Marc 7 CL, ACB, ACG, LDREXC, DTM, CC, ALS
Newton, Karen 4 ACB, CC, CL, ACS
O’Sullivan, Andy Kevin 3 ALS, DTM, LDREXC
Pichant, Cathryn 3 CL, CC, ALB
Ridder-Patrick, Max 3 CL, CC, ALB, ALB, CL, ACB, LDREXC, ACG
Salamons, David L.P. 4 ACG, ALB, ACS, CL
Sartre, Arnaud 3 CC, CL, ALB
Segal, Jill 3 LDREXC, ALS, CL
Sharieff, Taha 3 ALB, CL, CC
Simmons, Colin A. 4 CL, ACS, ALB, ACB
Skelton, Brian 3 CL, ALS, LDREXC
Varholak, Peter 3 ACS, CL, ALB