Club Officer Training

News from District Director Vanessa King

Fellow members,308520_10151422308800735_848186629_n

Serving as an Area Governor, as it was called then, seemed such a daunting task. There was so much to organise in what seemed like a very short period of time – club officer training, contests, club visits and venues to organise for all the events.

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News from Program Quality Director Pedro Casillas

Pedro Casillas Program Quality Director

Pedro Casillas
Program Quality Director

Following a second round of DOT (District Officer Training), I am pleased to report that 99% of Division and Area Directors have attended Toastmasters education. A fantastic turnout!

Division Directors and Area Directors have been busy setting up COT (Club Officer Training, which will complete on 31 August Read More

Area 29 COT 2016 – Twickenham 9 August

From Russell Searle, Area 29 Director

Area 29 COT 2016Venue: Stokes & Moncreiff, Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 3AB

Date: 9 August 2016, 7:15pm – 9:30pm

It’s time for the summer 2016 Area 29 Club Officer Training, being held in the heart of Twickenham just across the road from the home of Riverside Communicators.
We’ll be covering Club Officer Roles and Responsibilities, the Distinguished Club Program, Moments of Truth, Easyspeak, a very special workshop from a mystery speaker and maybe a surprise or two….

We look forward to seeing you all there! Please note, this event is open for club officers, would be club officers and fellow Toastmasters from Area 29 and further afield.

For more details and to reserve your place, please visit:


News from Pedro Casillas DTM, Program Quality Director

Recent DOT (District Officer Training) saw 87% of Division and Area Directors attending an excellent day of Toastmasters education. A fantastic turnout!

Pedro Casillas Program Quality Director

Pedro Casillas
Program Quality Director

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News from PR Manager, Helena Brewer

Have you been FED?

Helena Brewer PR Manager

Helena Brewer
PR Manager

As Toastmasters we communicate mainly by speaking, but that is not the only way. In our District there are plenty of budding writers, from club blogs to Facebook posts. Read More

News from Finance Manager, Meg Heyworth

Assistance to Division and Areas for venue hire


Meg Heyworth Finance Manager

Subject to approval of the District budget by Toastmasters International, District 91 will pay up to £100 towards venue hire by Areas for the purpose of Club Officer Training. Read More

How to do a Club Success Plan..

With Post-It Notes!

Goals Goals Goals.. yes I know the Euros are on but those aren’t the sort of goals I’m talking about…

I’m talking about your educational awards, your progress in the Toastmasters Program.

Now, not everyone wants to set goals and I’m completely fine with that. One of the many wonderful things about the Toastmasters program is the fact that it is entirely self-paced. It’s up to you when you what to do something and there are lots of people who are quite happy attending meetings and just having a good time not concerning themselves with goals and progress and recognition (oh my!)

CSP Poster 2This idea is for members and club committees who do want to set themselves goals and do so in a fun way.

I spotted this idea on the The Official Toastmasters International Members Group on Facebook.  Many thanks to incoming VP Education Kathy Shine, DTM of Cream City Communicators, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Her club completed Moments of Truth two weeks ago. They have already implemented several suggestions from our members and have begun to develop plans for further action that will be included in their 2016-2017 Club Success Plan.

One suggestion was to find a way to display member goals and progress in a non-threatening and non-embarrassing way for all members, and to encourage others who are taking a slower pace as they focus on building self confidence.

Their solution: they invited their members to sign their name and indicate their goal on a super-sticky post-it note, then placed them all on a large poster board marked simply as “2016-2017 GOALS.” They plan to have a second poster labelled “2016-2017 GOALS COMPLETED” and members can move their post-its from one board to the other in a simple recognition ceremony during a club meeting. What a great photo opportunity!

CSP PosterThey have several fun, colorful shapes:

  • crown shaped post-it notes for members who want to work toward their Triple Crown award
  • red apple post-its are for members who want to serve as mentors – they will be paired up with a green apple / mentee
  • dialogue post-its for people who want to attend their first conference or convention
  • other post-its for goals specific to their club, for example Club Ambassador, being part of their traveling “Cream Team” (a Capture the Banner program, which sounds a lot like Thomas the Travelling Gavel in Area 55)
  • stars for Competent Leader and Communicator awards
  • clouds for Advanced Leader and Communicator awards

It’s a Club Success Plan on a poster board! Why not try it in your club? If you do, send photos to

Division B workshop extravaganza Saturday 4 June

From Neil Coleman, Division B Director

Division B workshop extravaganzaDivision B is hosting a day packed with excellent educational workshops on Saturday 4 June in Covent Garden.  The day is for Toastmaster members and incoming club officers. A wide range of workshops will include specific Club Officer Training (COT) for incoming officers. Get your training in early and get yourself set for the year ahead. Register here right now!

Educational Workshops include:

Errol Williamson – The Cornerstones of Transformation

Irene Bradshaw – Freeing the Natural Voice

Freddie Daniells – Fantastic Feedback

David Jones – The Trouble With Toastmasters

Glen Savage – The Power of Words

Richard Stacey – Confidence Tricks – generating a Powerful Presence

Andy O’Sullivan – How to create speeches that will get you noticed, promoted and rewarded

and more….

Club Officer Training Workshops include:

Planning for success

Club meetings that crackle

Membership and PR

Easy Speak clinic

Extended open Q&A for Club Officers

Tickets are just £5. Registered incoming club officers will have their entrance fee refunded when they attend training.

Details on workshop sessions (details on other workshops to follow):

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Area K58 Club Officer Training – please join us

From Peter Varholak, Area 58 Director

Area K58 Club officer Training Fri 19 Feb 6:30pm-9:00pm.

Area K58 Club Officer Training will be held in Ernst & Young SE1 2AF.  We are open for training to all other Areas’ club officers. If you would like to join us please register in advance.  We look forward to having you with us!

Here is the registration link:


Area B29 Club Officer Training – All club officers welcome to register

From Jenny Betts, Area B29 Director

Area B29 Club Officer TrainingWhen: Thursday 21 January 2016
Where: The Toast Rack, Rackspace Hosting, 5 Millington Road Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4AZ. 5 mins walk from Hayes station OR use UB3 4AZ in any satnav.  You are very welcome to attend but you must register in advance so you are on the guest list (see below).

Come and join us for the Area B29 Club Officer Training

For topics such as:

Membership Retention/ClubQuality – vital ingredients for club success!
Leaving a Legacy – thinking ahead to your successors and the handover!
Club Mentoring Scheme – how will this work for you?
Distinguished Club Points – where are you now?

FORMAT: a fun interactive workshop with some introductory talks

The Toast Rack is a corporate club, so we need you to register if you wish to come along. Please contact Area 29 Director, Jenny Betts for more information or to register (click here to email)