Nigel Oseland: Join an Advanced Club

Advanced Toastmasters demonstrating advanced body language exuberance!

After a few years in Toastmasters, what further ways are there of advancing your speaking skills? Consider joining an advanced club. Having been a member of Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Toastmasters Club for a year, I have concluded there are 3 good reasons to join such clubs.

Firstly, I was first attracted to visiting Cornerstone Communicators because of their workshops. Some are facilitated by club members and fellow Toastmasters but external experts are also brought in time to time. For example, I have attended workshops on specific, relevant topics such as rhetorical devices, “winning evaluations”, humorous speeches, stand-up comedy, presenting on the radio and being interviewed by journalists. The workshops not only provide knowledge but stimulate and motivate further thoughts.

Secondly, advanced clubs just do things differently. For example, the club usually offers an open evaluation, where each member of the audience is invited to provide a commendation and recommendation. I have found this particularly useful for improving my own speeches. Table Topics are very different, and more akin to the impromptu speaking seen on TV. Quite often two or more members will perform together, perhaps one narrating and the other miming, or there may be an absurd dialogue or interview situation in which the two members verbally spar. These Table Topics are also so much more fun.

Thirdly, many members are professional presenters or workshop facilitators, willing to provide exceptional advice, for within and outside of Toastmasters. They are well connected and know of conference organisers looking for speakers etc. Unlike one-off courses, advanced clubs give you on-going access to these experts.

Most advanced clubs require their members to have completed six speech projects, but they also welcome guests. I recommend visiting your local advanced club as a guest as soon as you can, rather than wait until you are qualified to join. Like with Toastmasters, I wish I had joined sooner. Whilst the club is focused on advanced skills, all new members are made to feel welcome and encouraged to try our new techniques.

In Districts 71 and 91 the advanced clubs include: Advanced Orators (Manchester), Anglian Advanced Speakers, Cornerstone Communicators, Cashel Club, Cork Ireland Advanced Pros Club, Dublin Advanced Toastmasters, Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters and Excalibur Advanced Speakers. If you are interested in trying our Cornerstone Communicators (in Markyate) then email me for further details.

Notice of DEC Meeting 9th September 2018

Dear DEC members,

I know you already have the date in your diary, and this is the formal Notice of the District Executive Committee meeting on Sunday 9th September 2018.

The meeting will start at 11:00 and the end time is scheduled for 15:00.

There will be tea and coffee from 10:30 and a working sandwich lunch will be provided.

The venue is the Copthorne Hotel Slough-Windsor – details here: https://www.millenniumhotels.com/en/slough-windsor/copthorne-hotel-slough-windsor/#home

The formal agenda will be sent a week in advance, together with supporting papers, and will also be posted on the D91 website. It will include the following items:

  • District Success Plan
  • Update on May 2019 District Conference
  • District Budget
  • Division Directors’ Reports
  • DLT Updates
  • Review of Motions for Council
  • Arrangements for Virtual Council Meeting
  • Any Other Business

Please let me know if you have any items for AOB, and if you are aware of any potential Council Motions.

Also please let me know if you are unable to attend, and if any Assistants will be attending.


Andy Hammond

D91 District Director 2018-19

District Council Meeting First Notice

District Council Meeting Notice 15 September 2018 First Notice (Click link for PDF format)

Our first District Council Meeting of the new Toastmasters year will be a virtual one, taking place on Saturday 15 September from 10.00 to 12.00. As this is the first time we will be holding the meeting this way some items need to be confirmed at a later date.

Members of the District 91 District Council are Club Presidents, Club Vice Presidents Education, Area Directors, Division Directors and District Leadership Team members.

Motions: Any motions should be sent by Wednesday 15 August to me at alison@d91toastmasters.org or andy@d91toastmasters.org.

Voting: In order for our District Council to conduct business, there needs to be a quorum of a third of all Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education (VPEs). So, it is vital that each President or VPE either attend. Proxies for virtual meetings are not permitted.

Registration: All voters for the District Council Meeting must register with the Parliamentarian  in order to get credit for their vote. Details will follow as to the way this will be managed.

Alison Morris
District 91 Administration Manager

Meet a Leader – Arnaud Sartre

Arnaud Sartre is not only our incoming Club Growth Director (CGD), he is also area Director of the Year. I was keen to catch up with Arnaud.

Arnaud, I remember you telling me about your home town, tell me more?
I was raised in Lyon, which is the third biggest city in France. Lyon is beautiful, it is just two hours from the sea, two hours from the Alps and two hours from Paris. Lyon probably has the best food in the world because of its traditional “bouchons” and many Michelin star chefs, probably the most famous being L’Auberge of Paul Bocuse.

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D91 Coppid Beech Conference Speakers

The conference date is fast approaching and thanks to all those who have booked to date and we look forward to many more such bookings in the next 10 days as we really wouldn’t like you to miss the EARLY BIRD prices.

Your D91 Spring Conference Team has been working non-stop to bring you the greatest conference experience and a fantastic social weekend. We’ve set  We believe that events like this are an opportunity for ALL Toastmasters to grow.

Additional to our workshop speakers this year, we will be honoured to have Dan Rex, the CEO of Toastmasters International as our key note speaker.

The long-awaited moment has arrived and we are now ready to reveal what each workshop will include.

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