Club Anniversaries – by Pedro Casillas

I have recently had the pleasure to attend two Club 20-year anniversaries and have been informed about a club’s 11th anniversary.

London Communicators, Founded by Sue Warner

It was wonderful to be able to attend the 20th anniversary dinner recently in Upper Street, Islington. We had a wonderful meal, table topics, speeches by, amongst others, founding President Sue Warner, Current President Dinah Tobias and by special guest, Simon Bucknall. I was impressed by the enthusiasm of all the members and by the welcome that I and all guests received. If you are ever in north London, make sure to visit London Communicators!

London Communicators with Sue Warner, Pedro Casillas, Dinah Tobias and Simon Bucknall

Excalibur, founded by Mike Silverman 

20 years ago, Mike Silverman, founding president of Excalibur speakers, had the idea to set up a club which would focus on the delivery of Advanced Toastmasters manuals and more in-depth evaluations. It was a delight to visit the club on the occasion of their 20th anniversary and to catch up with so many old friends. I am delighted to see the club prospering and thriving and it was great to see 9 past presidents attend.

If you would like to challenge your speaking and evaluations – arrange a visit to Excalibur!

Excalibur – 20 years anniversary!

Early Bird Speakers, founded by Hilary Briggs 

11 years ago, Early Bird Speakers was founded by D91 Past District Director, Hilary Briggs. By all standards, EBS, is font of excellence and the club has continued to grow and develop year after year. Last year, International President, Mike Storkey, said that EBS ran the best run meeting that he had ever attended in his 47 years as a Toastmaster. This is some compliment and a credit to all club members.

So, if you fancy attending an exemplary run club and are an early bird … I am sure you will be cordially welcomed!

Celebrations at Early Bird Speakers

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