Community Events – Benefits to Toastmasters Clubs

Toastmasters involved in community events not only help attract new club members, but also have an opportunity to put their newly learned public speaking and leadership skills to good use.  Kris Rackham, PRM of Leighton Buzzard Speakers Club, highlights the benefits of attending their recent Canal Day.

Imagine blue sky … the sun shining … music playing … the smell of festival food … and a huge stage where local bands and entertainers were keeping the community buzzing.      
Toastmasters from Leighton Buzzard Speakers Club & Luton Speakers Club were invited to attend the local canal festival on 29th July 2017 to be the Master of Ceremony (MC) events.  MC staff dressed up as old fashioned Canal Boat Crew to help promote the theme of the day.  Some members wore t-shirts advertising our Leighton Buzzard Speakers Club.  This event encouraged the public to speak with the Toastmaster members to gain information about local clubs. 

Martin Harris from Leighton Buzzard Speakers Club opened the day with a welcoming speech.  Members from both clubs took turns speaking about the various events throughout the day. The acts included Vintage Tractors, Handcraft Stalls, Artist Exhibits, Chainsaw Carving and many activities for children.  Everyone took turns from Luton Speakers and LB Clubs spent time speaking with the crowds. We all spoke with attendees who were enjoying various stands and events happening near the stage.  This included the Dog Show contestants and speaking with members of the public.  Parker Asien (Luton Speakers) and Hayley Brooke (LB) took their tasks one step further by participating in the folk dancing event. 

The day ran smoothly, fun was had by all and each club gained new members. We hope this article encourages you to seek out and participate in local community events. 

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