Data Science Speakers charter event

On the meeting of 23 May 2016, the Data Science Speakers club charter ceremony will take place at our regular venue in London N1.

On this special occasion, we have the honour of hearing the winners of the 2016 District 91 International Speech Contest and the 2016 District 91 Evaluation Contest that recently took place, as special guests.

We are delighted to announce our special guests will be:

Jeremy Robinson – the 2015 District Winner of the International Speech Competition who went on to compete at the Toastmaster International World Champions in Las Vegas (expenses paid by TI). He is a member of a club in our area. Come and listen to his winning speech.

Thien Nguyen Phan – the 2016 Winner of the District 91 International Speech Competition who will be going on to compete at the Toastmaster World Champions in Washington. She is a member of St Paul’s Speakers a club also in Division L. Come and listen to her winning speech.

Meena Nayar – the 2016  Winner of the District 91 Evaluations Contest. She is a member of a club, Harrovian Speakers in Division L.

Sue Sutherland – our very own club member and Club contest winner of our 2016 Evaluations Contest.

With such a line up of winners, it will be an event that should not be missed. See the winners, hear the winners, meet the winners.

The first half of the session will be winners session with some tabletopics for audiences to participate in and the second half of the session will be networking with nibbles and drinks.

Register on our portal as a guest to tell you are coming:

More details about Toastmasters International see here: and more details about The O. R. Society sponsoring this club see here:

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