District Alignment 2017/18

Realignment Motion for District Council on 6th May 2017


Motion: Should there be 7 clubs in Area 7 as at the 1st July 2017, then clubs to be realigned as follows:

DIVISION J Previous Alignment Comments
Area 7 This area retains the name Area 7 because its oldest club, Oxford Speakers is based there.
Bicester Speakers 7 Abingdon and Infineum moved to Area 22
Bardwell 7
Oxford Speakers 7
Oxford Orators 7
Croughton 7
Area 11   This area gets the new name, 11 because the oldest club, Thamesdown retains the area name of 22.
Malvern Speakers 22 These clubs remain together in newly named Area 11, with Thamesdown and precharter Swindon moving joining with Abingdon and Infinium
Gloucester Speakers 22
Cheltenham Speakers 22
Ludlow (PC) 22
Area 22 Although a new area made up of clubs from two different areas, it retains the name 22 because the oldest club, Thamesdown is based here.
Abingdon 7 These clubs have been brought together Area as there is a good geographical fit and the best option for support of precharter and new clubs.
Infineum Milton Hill Speakers 7
Thamesdown Speakers 22
Swindon (PC) 22


Rationale – The option recommended and other, non-recommended, options considered

This option has been proposed having analysed three options – it is considered that the option proposed is the best one.  For information, see the information on the three options, their advantages and disadvantages.

Option Description Advantages Disadvantages
Option 1 : Recommended


Abingdon, Infinium from Area 7 joins with Thamesdown and precharter Swindon in Area 22.  It has 2 established clubs, one new club and one precharter. 

Leaves Area 7 with 5 clubs and newly named area 11 with 3 clubs and a precharter.

It would mean less travel than now for the Thamesdown/Swindon clubs to get to Malvern/Ludlow. 

In both of the 3 club areas, the clubs are strong, in a good position to support the pre-charters.

Two out of the 3 areas would have 3 clubs plus a precharter – allowed but small. 

Thamesdown has an established relationship with the other clubs in its current area.  Abingdon has longstanding relationships with the Oxford clubs.  That said, these established clubs have been in the same division for a considerable period time, so relationships should be able to flourish.

Option 2 :

Not Recommended

New Area with Abingdon, Infinium from Area 7 plus Hungerford and Newbury from Area 46.

It has 2 established clubs and 2 newer clubs.


Leaves Area 7 with 5 clubs and Area 46 with one precharter plus 3 clubs.

Two of the areas have 4 or more clubs.

The new area is smaller for the Area 46 clubs – the shortest distance between the clubs is 34 minutes.  Of the newer clubs, Infinium is strong at 42 members, Hungerford would get good support  at 16 members

One of the areas (46) would have only 3 clubs plus precharter.  One of the 3 clubs, Microsoft, has had membership challenges and is currently at 4 members, which means that the two established clubs would have a large support burden – a weak area would be created.

Newbury has a longstanding relationship with the Reading clubs and would need to forge new relationships.  Abingdon has relationships with the Oxford clubs. 

Option 3 : Not Recommended Split Area 7 in two and bring Thame in from Area 4

One area would have both central Oxford clubs, plus Abingdon and Infinium.  The other area would have Bardwell, Bicester, Croughton and Thame.

Area 4 would be left with 5 clubs.

There would be 3 areas with 4 or more clubs. Area 4 would be left with 5 clubs, 3 of which have less than 20 members which is already a challenge.

Bardwell, Bicester and Croughton have less than 20 members and Thame is down to 23, so a weak new area would be created.

Bardwell would be concerned about losing the connection with the central Oxford clubs, Thame with losing the Bucks/Herts clubs.


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