District Alignment

District Alignment

What is district alignment and why do we need it?

Every year we have new clubs forming across the District. When they charter and officially join the Toastmasters family new clubs are allocated to a particular area and division. Areas are ideally made up of 4-6 clubs. As you can imagine with the growth we are experiencing in UK South we need to review what is happening regularly.

Who is on the Alignment Committee?

We have been fortunate to have a DAC which comprises good representation from each division and Toastmasters who are very experienced in the challenges of alignment and reformation:

Chair: Richard Murray  (Past Division Governor H),

Strategy Advisor  To be confirmed

Communications Lead To be confirmed

Division Representatives To be confirmed

How can I contact the committee if I have questions?

If you have any questions for the committee click here to contact Richard.

How does the district alignment process work?

It works effectively because it is a devolved process –  divisions produce the alignment proposals.  Initially, Division Representatives assess the likelihood of the need for alignment in their areas and division. Information is gathered, shared and discussed and options for alignment changes are considered. Divisional alignment proposals are then produced for consultation within divisions. These proposals are then approved at respective Division Councils and put forward at the District Council* at the Spring Conference. (*The District Council is made up of all Club Presidents, VPEs, Area Directors, Division Directors and the District Leadership team).

How will alignment happen in the future?

Our aim is to take a long-term strategic view of growth within the District. This means having a well-defined process that we can follow from year to year. To facilitate this, the alignment process will commence on1st July, the start of the Toastmasters year.

With an efficient process in place, which everyone is aware of, we’ll have a basis for planned and sustainable growth of Toastmasters International in our geographic region ie across Southern England and Southern Wales.



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