District Awards

The Distinguished District Awards Program recognizes Districts that provide the positive and supportive environment that leads to member success.

Quality clubs are at the heart of Toastmasters, and Distinguished clubs are at the heart of the Distinguished Area, Distinguished Division and Distinguished District Programs.

Awards Achieved by our District since 2001

President’s Distinguished District — this award is the highest level of recognition available. Districts achieving President’s Distinguished status represent districts that have had outstanding achievement in the areas of club growth, membership growth, and distinguished clubs.

Select Distinguished District — Districts achieving Select Distinguished status represent districts that have exceeded the program requirements of distinguished district status in the areas of club growth, membership growth, and distinguished clubs.

Distinguished District — Districts that specific qualifying requirements and also meet their club growth, membership growth, and distinguished club goals achieve Distinguished District status.

2017-2018  DD Pedro Casillas, DTM  Select Distinguished with 77.27% Distinguished Clubs

2016-2017 DD Vanesssa King Distinguished with 75.17% Distinguished Clubs

2015-2016 DD Jean Gamester President’s Distinguished with 85.27% Distinguished Clubs

2014-2015 DG Hilary Briggs President’s Distinguished with 85.47% Distinguished Clubs

2013-2014  DG Luanne KentSelect Distinguished with 81.39% Distinguished Clubs

2012-2013  DG Freddie DaniellsSelect Distinguished with 73.93% Distinguished Clubs

2011-2012  DG James A. Hegarty Distinguished  with 59.01 pts

2010-2011  DG Teresa Dukes Select Distinguished with 80% Distinguished Clubs

2009-2010  DG Joe Gibbs, AL Distinguished with 73.87 pts

2008-2009  DG Gary Sander Select Distinguished with 79.17 pts

2007-2008  DG Mary Murtagh Select Distinguished with 83.57 pts

2006-2007  DG Nicholas Benning Select Distinguished with 74.03 pts

2005-2006 DG Linda M Molloy President’s Distinguished with 84.01 pts Distinguished Clubs

2004-2005  DG David Thompson Select Distinguished with 81.57 pts

2003-2004  DG Jeremiah Ronayne Select Distinguished

2002-2003  DG Angus Galbraith Select Distinguished with 69.68 pts

2001-2002  DG Margaret Worthy Distinguished with 61.56 pts

Excellence Awards for the District Excellence in Leadership (Distinguished District + for 3 or more years) Excellence in Education and Training

(In year goals achieved)

Excellence in Marketing

(In year goals achieved)

President’s Extension (outstanding achievement in club building and retention) Presidents 20+ (for successfully motivating clubs to achieve and maintain charter strength)
2017-2018  Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2016-2017  Achieved Achieved Achieved
2015-2016  Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2014-2015  Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2013-2014 Achieved Achieved Achieved
2012-2013 Achieved Achieved Achieved
2011-2012 Achieved Achieved Achieved
2010-2011 Achieved Achieved Achieved
2009-2010 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2008-2009 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2007-2008 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2006-2007 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2005-2006 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2004-2005 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2003-2004 Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
2002-2003 Achieved Achieved Achieved
2001-2002 Achieved Achieved Achieved
2000-2001 Achieved Achieved

Full list of District Governors / Director for our District

Every year a member of Toastmasters International steps up to become the District Director for each District around the world. The District Directors have many responsibilities within their District Leadership Teams. Read more about the leadership roles.

District 91 Directors
2019/20 Florian Bay London Victorians
2018/19 Andy Hammond Arun Speakers
2017/18 Pedro Casillas Grosvenor Square Speakers Select Distinguished District, Nr 11
2016/17 Vanessa King Guildford Speakers Distinguished District, Nr 16
2015/16 Jean Gamester Thame Speakers, Stand & Deliver, Bardwell  President’s Distinguished District, Nr 4
2014/15 Hilary Briggs Early Bird Speakers, Grosvenor Square Speakers President’s Distinguished District, Nr 3
District 71 Governors
2013/14 Luanne Kent Castleknock Toastmasters Select Dist District Nr 19
2012/13 Freddie Daniells Excalibur Speakers, Holborn Speakers Select Dist District Nr 13
2011/12 James Hegarty Speakeasy Roscommon Distinguished District Nr 13
2010/11 Teresa Dukes Speakeasy@Martlesham Select Dist District Nr 8
2009/10 Joe Gibbs Killaloe-Ballina Toastmasters Distinguished District Nr 16
2008/09 Gary Sander Dereham Articulate Select Dist District Nr 9
2007/08 Mary Murtagh Limerick Toastmasters Select Dist District Nr 7
2006/07 Nick Benning Guildford Speakers Select Dist District Nr 10
2005/06 Lynda Molloy Bray Toastmasters President’s Dist District Nr 4
2004/05 David Thompson London Athenians Select Dist District Nr 8
2003/04 Jeremiah Ronayne Speakeasy Select Dist District Nr 7
2002/03 Angus Galbraith Thame Speakers Select Dist District Nr 10
2001/02 Margaret Worthy Guildford Speakers Distinguished District Nr 13
2000/01 Mary O’Connell Midleton Toastmasters
1999/00 David MacLeod Maidenhead Speakers
1998/99 Cecil Kirk AIB Toastmasters
1997/98 Mike Silverman London Corinthians Select Dist District Nr 7
1996/97 Hilda McHugh Limerick Toastmasters President’s Dist District Nr 2 6
1995/96 Ken Norman Oxford Speakers Distinguished District Nr 13
1994/95 Ted Corcoran Fingal Toastmasters President’s Dist District Nr 2
1993/94 Norman Fox Maidenhead Speakers Distinguished District Nr 25
1992/93 Brian O’Connor Crusaders President’s Dist District Nr 6
1991/92 Meryll Coe Aylesbury Speakers
1990/91 Ian Jones Thame Speakers
1989/90 Joe Prendergast Clonmel Toastmasters Distinguished District
1988/89 John Earnshaw Oxford Speakers
1987/88 Harry Knox DLS Communicators Distinguished District
1986/87 Norman Rhodes Maidenhead Speakers
1985/86 Mary Dwan Dun Laoghaire
1984/85 David Lindsey Thame Speakers Select Dist District Nr 12
1983/84 Mary O’Connor Waterford Club
1982/83 George Gallagher-Daggitt Oxford Speakers
1981/82 Gerald Keen Grosvenor Square Speakers
1980/81 Mike Murdock Shillelagh
1979/80 Andrew Ducker Epsom Speakers
1978/79 Patrick Dullaghan Engineers Club
1977/78 Patrick Dullaghan Engineers Club
1976/77 Niall Brunicardi Fermoy Toastmasters
1975/76 Niall O’Riordan Cork Club
1974/75 Mike Murdock Shillelagh
1973/74 Geoffrey Barker Bedford Speakers
1972/73 Ben Marriott Southend-on-Sea
1971/72 Gaylord Giles

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