District Leadership Report on Nominations

District 91’s District Leadership Committee 2017/18 Report

In order to ensure successful district elections, the district director appointed this district leadership
committee, whose work is critical in ensuring long-term district success. The role of this committee
was to seek out prospective candidates, evaluate and interview candidates, nominate candidates and provide this report.
Our District Leadership Committee members were chosen for their leadership abilities, commitment
to the best interests of our members, coupled with their experience serving on District Teams. The
committee members were;

  • Lynne Cantor
  • Monica Horten
  • Vanessa King, DTM (Chair)
  • Paul Rhys-Taylor
  • Lyn Roseman
  • Eric Skates

Each of these committee members put in significant effort into a much more intensive process than
we have had in past years. I would like to thank them for their diligence, integrity, and hard work in
service of our members.

I would also like to thank District Administration Manager, Paul Rhys-Taylor, for his support in running the Interview / Presentation days.

The process for selecting suitable candidates for nomination was as follows:
1. The committee formulated suitable questions, scenarios and a presentation topic with
leadership, experience, and performance content.

2. Candidates received pre-interview questions to return in advance of meeting the committee,
allowing the committee to review responses prior to interview. They also received advance
notification of a presentation topic to be delivered on the day.

3. The members of the committee were split between an interview and presentation panel. Each
committee member saw each candidate personally.

4. In the interview, the pre-interview responses were reviewed and then they went through a
further set of questions that the candidate had not seen before.

5. In the presentation session, the candidates delivered their presentation, then were asked
questions about the presentation, and had an opportunity to ask questions of the committee.
In addition, candidates for the District Leadership Team also responded to questions about
scenarios relevant to the role they were seeking election to.

6. District leadership team candidates spent two hours in total with the panels on the first
committee day, division director candidates spent one hour in total with the panels on the
second committee day.

7. After all interviews and presentations were completed on each day, a further meeting was
held at which the committee discussed and reviewed each candidate’s suitability for the
position sought.

8. Committee members exercised their independent judgments with respect to all prospective
candidates, having in mind the best interests of Toastmasters International and the district,
as well as the experience, abilities and qualifications of prospective candidates.

9. Candidates who were nominated for office were notified via email.

10. Those candidates who were not nominated were also informed, and they were advised of
their eligibility to seek office as floor candidates

It is my honor and privilege, as chair of the District Leadership Committee, to present to you the
nominations for positions on the District Executive Council for the 2018/2019 Toastmasters year.

Vanessa King, DTM, Immediate Past District Director

District Leadership Team Trio Members

Position Candidate
District Director Andy Hammond
Program Quality Director Florian Bay
Club Growth Director Seema Menon
Club Growth Director Arnaud Sartre

For Division Directors:

Vanessa King, DTM, District 91 Leadership Committee Chair

Div Candidate 
A No nominated candidate
B Brad Revell
C Taz Miah
H Stuart Field
J Helena Brewer
K No nominated candidate
L Marcin Tolysz

Floor Candidates

Floor candidates may declare their intent to run now that the DLC results have been announced.

For further campaigning information that is made available to all floor candidates, and to be included in the schedule of presenters at the candidates showcase prior to the council meeting, please contact Immediate Past District Director, Vanessa King.

At the elections, the District Director will inquire whether there are additional nominations from the floor.

I. Floor candidates must be nominated by a member of the district council or their proxyholder. Floor candidates may self nominate when they are a member of the district council or a proxyholder.
II. Floor candidates or, in their absence, their representatives state their eligibility qualifications.
III. Floor candidates for district director, program quality director, club growth director, and division director must sign the Officer Release and Statement For prior to the election.

Election and Role Information

Appointed District Leadership Team Roles

The following roles are appointed by the incoming District Director – Public Relations Manager, Finance Manager or Administration Manager, as well as any committee roles such as for the Alignment Committtee, District Chief Judge and District Leadership Committee.  If you would like to find out more about these roles, or express interest, please contact any of the current District Trio (Pedro Casillas DTM, Andy Hammond DTM).

Area Director Elections

Please click here for information on the Area Director Role.

Please click here for the AREA-DIRECTOR-ELECTION-PROCEDURE, including information on how to notify the District Director of the results of the election.

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