Division C contests – results!

From Dudley Flynn, Division C Director

The highlight of the Division C conference, held at the prestigious London Business School in Regents Park on Saturday 8th April were the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

The International Speech Contestants were:
•    Christina Alaby
•    Ola Aralepo
•    Edwin Atiegobo-Bello
•    Tom Donnelly
•    Ben Siskand

Div C Intl Speech winner 2017

And the winners were
1. Ola Aralepo
2. Christina Alaby
3. Tom Donnelly

The Evaluation contestants were:
•    Marta Garcia-Salvador
•    Tazud Miah
•    Laurent Nicourt
•    David Saer

Div C Eval winner 2017

And the winners were
1. Tazud Miah
2. David Saer

The final of both contests will be held at the District 91 Conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017

Check out details of the contests and the conference: http://d91toastmasters.org.uk/conference/

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