Division L contests – the results

From Steve Brewer, Division L Director

When I opened the contest I announced that I was the Division Director and I got a tremendous cheer from the audience,when I said that I wouldnt be for much longer I got an even louder cheer.The wonderful thing about toastmasters is that supportive environment and that sense of fun.

The supportive environment never made things feels like a chore> Andrew Tollinton arranged the venue and Nadine ,Nick ,Simon and Chief Judge Andy O’Sullivan made sure everything was ready as they contacted contestants and facilitators.  Everyone was in the right place at the right time!  This allowed us to be treated to seven prepared speeches and a target speaker, David Banfro, who came from outside District 91 for our eight contestants to evaluate.

This was definitely a competition worth winning and our placed contestants were:

International Speech Contest winner

International Speech Contest

1.Simon Bucknall

2,Gill Ornstein

3.Salem Al-Damluji

evaluation contest winner

Evaluation Contest

1.Freddie Daniells

2.Barry Greenan

3.Gill Ornstein

Please come at support Simon and Freddie at the conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017.Come for the whole weekend or just a part of it.


Toastmasters District 91, The Mayflower Conference 2017

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