Division L contests – the results

From Steve Brewer, Division L Director

When I opened the contest I announced that I was the Division Director and I got a tremendous cheer from the audience,when I said that I wouldnt be for much longer I got an even louder cheer.The wonderful thing about toastmasters is that supportive environment and that sense of fun.

The supportive environment never made things feels like a chore> Andrew Tollinton arranged the venue and Nadine ,Nick ,Simon and Chief Judge Andy O’Sullivan made sure everything was ready as they contacted contestants and facilitators. ¬†Everyone was in the right place at the right time! ¬†This allowed us to be treated to seven prepared speeches and a target speaker, David Banfro, who came from outside District 91 for our eight contestants to evaluate.

This was definitely a competition worth winning and our placed contestants were:

International Speech Contest winner

International Speech Contest

1.Simon Bucknall

2,Gill Ornstein

3.Salem Al-Damluji

evaluation contest winner

Evaluation Contest

1.Freddie Daniells

2.Barry Greenan

3.Gill Ornstein

Please come at support Simon and Freddie at the conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017.Come for the whole weekend or just a part of it.


Toastmasters District 91, The Mayflower Conference 2017

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