DTM’s Awarded at Watford Speakers

DTM lightning strikes twice at Watford Speakers
Steve Brewer Division L Director

Steve Brewer
Division L Director


For the second time in three years Watford Speakers have had the privilege of having not one but two of their members reach Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) status.

In 2013 Sandra Lawes and Valerie Barnes-Lewis became DTMs but what happened in 2016.

Coralie Frances became our first DTM of the year after just six years she is an active Toastmaster and member of three clubs including Cornerstones the advanced speakers club. She has a passion for Toastmasters, but just for its own sake and has seen first hand the benefit that improved communication and leadership skills have in the workplace and the effect that they have on ones career.  She is also the REP representative for the Area which suits her collegiate style very well.

Alan McMahon is a founding member of Watford Speakers and the third founder of the club to achieve his DTM at the Club…  Alan’s DTM application is now in the post.  Alan has traversed his way through the program over the last decade.  Alan’s laidback style and sense of humour may obscure his passion for toastmasters, but make no mistake it is there.  Alan’s sense of fun encourages members to take part, always supportive and encouraging but also allowing the members to develop along their own learning pathway.

Both are brilliant and different speakers and leaders, they are a real credit to Toastmasters, Watford Speakers and of course themselves by helping create an environment that is mutually supportive and fun.

One Response to DTM’s Awarded at Watford Speakers

  1. David Collins says:

    We are very proud at Watford Speakers that Coralie Frances and Alan McMahon have achieved DTM.

    Coralie was my first contact at Watford Speakers and was incredibly encouraging as I took my first steps as a Toastmaster. She is a core member of the club and everyone at the club has benefited from her kind nature, encouragement and in-depth knowledge of all things Toastmasters. Coralie is also a great speaker and is a master of the art of Table Topics. I have never seen her hesitate no matter how tricky the question she always delivers often with dry humour.

    Alan is an all-round great guy with a very funny sense of humour that always comes across in his Speeches and Table Topics. Although a role model speaker he is very approachable and down to earth and encourages other club members at all levels. I once saw Alan host a Speech Competition he was brilliant, funny and seamlessly linked all the elements of the competition together like an absolute professional. Why isn’t Alan on TV he should be.

    No wonder Coralie and Alan have reached DTM they are both lovely people and great Toastmasters.

    David Collins

    President Watford Speakers