Leadership Opportunities/Roles

leadership opportunities/roles

Your first Toastmasters leadership opportunities/roles

The Competent Leadership Manual features 10 projects that you complete while serving in various club meeting roles. It is your first opportunity to get involved in Toastmasters leadership – from managing time through mentoring and running major events. It gives you opportunities to try things out and learn in a safe environment.

Club leadership – join the club committee

Club Leadership is also a fantastic way to develop your skills and contribute to the strength of your club and its members. Find out more about club leadership here. There is specific information for members of corporate clubs here.

Gain Toastmasters leadership opportunities/roles beyond your club

There are many opportunities to take on leadership roles in Toastmasters. Check out the ‘Get Involved‘ page on this site for for ways you might like to get involved in our District. There are ways to contribute which will use your skills and help you develop.

You can also help a club that has 12 members or few to rebuild. For this can be appointed as a club coach. See Coaching a club. If you’d like to help start a new club why not become a club sponsor? You can also be a mentor to help a new club during its first six months after chartering. See Setting up a new club for more about these roles.

The High Performance Leadership Programme

The High Performance Leadership Programme is also a great way to develop your skills in setting vision, planning and getting a team involved, right the way through to completion. More information is available on the advanced leadership page on www.toastmasters.org. You can also find out more here in this HPL Flier.

Projects that members have completed include projects within Toastmasters and outside. Many people relish the chance to use their growing skills at work, for a charity they are involved with in their spare time, or in another area of their lives.

Recent examples include revitalising a local football club, organising a Toastmasters event, using HPL to increase personal performance on a project at work, raising funds for a local school. It’s a flexible programme that will enhance your leadership skills whatever the project you choose to work on.

The HPL manual is availabe through the Toastmasters International shop.

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