Long Service Awards at Harrovian Speakers Club

Harrovian Speakers Club recently celebrated 13 years since its inception and continued the trend of achieving President’s Distinguished Club status last Toastmasters year. This was made possible only due to the teamwork of the Cabinet (as we endearingly referred to the officers committee) and combined efforts of each member of the club.

A special mention has to be given to five long serving members of the club who have tirelessly supported the members, mentoring them, during their toastmaster journey. These 5 members are part of the Mentor Club led by Ruth and take it upon themselves to help members achieve their goals. Ruth visited a Harrovians meeting about 7-8 years ago, and was so blown away by the speeches that she joined soon after. She was always shy and didn’t want to stand and speak in front of people but she believes Harrovians has given her the confidence and knowhow to do public speaking. She now gives paid talks and cookery demonstrations thanks to Toastmasters and Harrovians, having recently taught a group of adults on Speaking in Public.

Warren joined the club more than 9 years ago and is still a very committed member, looking to help others grow as speakers and leaders. He builds lasting friendships and aspires to grow as a speaker and leader outside Toastmasters thereby spreading the message.

Speaking in public used to make Lorna ill many years back, but she has come a long way since those days. Her prowess in English, being a language teacher, has helped many members improve their language skills. Her experience even gave her the self-assurance necessary to give eulogies for her parents when they passed away recently and was congratulated by friends and family for speaking so well. She provides helpful detailed evaluations and hopes to continue helping members.

Indra was at the launch meeting for Harrovians 13 years ago and since then there has been no looking back for him. He achieved DTM award and is readily available to help. He attributes the development of personal skills like negotiating, decision making and self-confidence to his experience as a President of the club and is currently working on his HPL project to enhance his leadership skills further.

Angela is our celebrity writer and has been a long standing and vibrant member of Harrovians. Her use of props makes every speech colourful and exciting. She has also written a book on the History of Harrovians.

We have been lucky to have such wonderful members as mentors at our club, so thought of expressing our thanks by organizing an award ceremony acknowledging their long service and contribution to the club.


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