Mike Burrows – Candidate for Division Director

Mike Burrows – Candidate for Division Director

Why are you running for this District Leadership Role? Why now?

With my age and experience, I now believe it time to ‘pay-back’, so I relish the thought of supporting a new group of Area Directors and guiding them to do their jobs well.

What is your vision for the role?

I want to see Armada recover to full health: most likely support will continue well into next year. Additionally, one of the current Area Directors is wanting to start up a new club in my current area, in Taunton: geographically she is well placed to help: so I plan to ensure Area A62 will grow by one more club. I also look forward to getting to know the other Area Directors in the Division and guiding them to set high standards of support for their Clubs.

How will you go about achieving this vision?

By monitoring progress of Club Coaches, Area Directors and prompting them to meet with the requirements of their roles. I will establish regular on-line meetings for the Area Directors to monitor progress and prompt them to do their respective duties in a timely manner.

How do you plan to achieve Distinguished status?

This will primarily be by goal setting: ensuring the Area Directors understand the requirements of their roles and persuading them to set their goals to achieve at least Distinguished Status for their Areas and Clubs.

What is the greatest challenge you may face as District Leader?

Most likely, this would be having an Area Director who does not do their role diligently and in a timely manner. If this proved to be the case I would put in some extra effort to coach the individual and guide them how to do their role.

How will you work with others to achieve success?

Predominantly, this would be by having an ‘open door’ policy, making sure that they are aware that they can contact me at any time to seek guidance or advice. I am not afraid to enter frank discussions to ensure that high standards are and should be their targets, and that they should live up to those standards as well as they possibly can. I am a realist though, getting to know people as individuals, so that I have some understanding of their personal situations and can therefore tailor my ‘demands’ so that they achieve, if necessary, just the minimum requirements of their roles.

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