Note from District Administration Manager, Paul Rhys-Taylor

District Elections

Paul Rhys-Taylor
District Administration Manager

District leader elections are held at District Councils’ annual meetings at District Conferences worldwide between March 15 and June 1. Rules exist within Toastmasters International (TMI) to ensure that these elections are conducted fairly, and without prejudice.

Click here to find out more about district leader election voting privileges, club proxies, district leadership committee, nominated candidates, floor candidates and quorum.

Ensure Your Club’s Vote Counts!

As we approach the D91 Council Meeting held during the Mayflower Spring conference, Council Notices have been sent to Council Members.

At Club level, these have been sent to every Club President and Vice President Education (whose attendance of the council meeting is part of the job!).  Unfortunately, there are often many of these club officers that are unable to attend the Council Meeting, for various reasons, even though their attendance should be subsidised by their club.  A solution to this problem exists, because other Club committee or Club members who attend the Council Meeting can vote as the club’s proxies.

In order to ensure that your votes are carried by club members attending, you must assign these using the Proxy Form. The member that has been assigned proxy has to bring the signed form with them, and then register for the District 91 Council meeting with our District Parliamentarian, David Sutcliffe.  This registration takes place in advance of the Council Meeting, so please make sure to allow time to register.  Remember, there is no fee to attend the Council Meeting, and your club should subsidise your attendance costs.

Simply put, don’t waste your vote or the opportunity to see your leaders.

It’s helpful to share the notices with club members and understand the business matters that will be discussed at the Council Meeting. For members that attend the Council Meeting, it’s great to report back to your fellow club members on outcomes of matters discussed.

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