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Everyone wants to know more about: public speaking confidence skills leadership. Articles written by our members of Toastmasters UK South are sent out via a press release and published regularly. You’ll see that articles get placed on business and self-development websites, in print magazines and newspapers. Recently our authors have been interviewed on business radio stations. We also have example of successful local club PR.

The purpose? To raise awareness of Toastmasters International in the UK and Ireland. To encourage more people to come and visit one of our clubs. To share powerful information. If you are interested in writing for us please contact District 91 PR Manager Helena Brewer.

Please browse the article and interviews. If you have friends or colleagues who might be interested please send them a link!

Managing your time and your targets

Mell Sheppard,  Wokingham Speakers, shares her expertise

Is public speaking fear limiting your career?

Glen Savage, Riverside Communicators, shares his story.

An unusual way to build rapport!

Richard Pimm gives us a different perspective

CNBC article recommends Toastmasters International

What do you do when you have to present at short notice?

Helena Brewer, Aylesbury Speakers & D91 PR Manager, gives her top tips

Toastmasters International – five most inspiring movie speeches

How to be a successful super leader

Jean Gamester (Immediate Past District 91 Director), member of Thame Speakers, shares her thinking on leading leaders:

Why the sound of silence will help you sell

Ben Jackson, Bicester Achievers Toastmasters club,  gives insight into the power of silence

How should you end your speech? With impact!

Lyn Roseaman, City Limits Speakers, tells us how

What do JFK, South West Airlines and the Great Escape have in common?

Area 33 Director Florian Bay explains.

Say Yes! to mentoring

Area 29 Director Jenny Betts on the power of mentoring

A member interview – gaining new confidence and skills

Lucy Greenlees, Arun Speakers shares the benefits she’s gained from her Toastmasters club

Why you should join Toastmasters

The CEO of Toastmasters International interviewed by Forbes

Get more from your meeting time

D91 Club Growth Director Dorothea Stuart on how to use our time to better effect

Interview on Share Radio UK

Charlotte Hitchings interviewed by Georgie Frost, Career Clinic, on the subject of resilience at work

Why personal resilience matters in business – and how to get it

Charlotte Hitchings, Voice of Wales explains

Listen to Hamwic Speakers(Southampton) Radio Interview

Members of Hamwic Speaker talk about the benefits of Toastmasters. The interview starts 1 hour into the show.

How to Prepare for a successful Tedx Talk

Jay Surti Area 34 Director shares her experience: You can watch Jay’s video here as well.

Toastmasters from Wokingham Speakers interviewed by Anne Diamond  After the big debate in the House of Commons – a discussion about what makes a great speech. The interview start 1 hour 10 minutes 30 seconds into the show.

CEO of Rising Media recommends Toastmasters

How to learn five essential life/business skills with just one activity

Aaron Hanway shows how public speaking helps you develop key skills.

CNBC recommends Toastmasters for the skills employers are looking for

Harness the Power of three to nail your pitch

Laura Bruce give advice to small businesses

Brian Skelton Area Governor of the Year – article in the Ilford Recorder

Useful Public Speaking Tips for Business owners

Dorothea Stuart DTM, D91 Club Growth Director interviewed by Company Bug

How to structure your presentation for maximum impact

Laura Bruce shares her tips.

Three rules of persuasive presentations /Keep it short snappy and seductive

Paul Carroll, President 104 London Debaters gives us some key ideas for persuasion: and

10 tips to speak like a pro

Sandy Eifion-Jones of Epsom Speakers and Surbiton Speakers tell us what she’s learned about the art and craft of speaking

Why your boss wants you to join Toastmasters

The simplest way to motivate your staff

Bob Ferguson explains how to motivate staff effectively

Download the article of Bob’s in The CA Magazine (Chartered Accountant Scotland) 058_CA_Aug15 LastWord(2) Bob Ferguson article

How I learned to speak up with Croydon Toastmasters

Gina Rocque Drayton VP PR Croydon Communicators shares what she learned through her club membership

8 tips for taming terror: transforming presentation nerves into confident communication

Gavin Meikle, Solent Speakers shares his top tips

You’re talking – but what is your body saying?

Jane Cameron DTM tells us about body language

How to collar and cuff the questions

If you didn’t get Paul Carroll’s handout at the conference you will find his article here:

The power of active listening

Jenny Betts shares practical tips

How to be a confident presenter – essential tips

Paul Carroll, President 104 London Debaters shares tips with owners of new and growing businesses at

Winning Business with nimble impromptu speaking

Tips from Charlie Warshawski Area 53 Governor

10 things to avoid in public speaking

Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PR Officer share the key pitfalls to avoid when speaking to an audience. (readership 1.1 million)

How to handle Q &A after your presentation

Paul Carroll, President 104 London Debaters (readership 173k)

Will your new club committee and Area Director be in the local press?

Malvern Speakers has a good track record of publicity in the local press. For example, see the article when their new committee was appointed at the start of the year.

Camberly Speakers in the news!

Camberley Speakers Star Courier

Quality Feedback is key to improvement

Jean Gamester DTM, Lieutenant Governor Education & Training District 91 published in the FT Adviser print and online: (FT readership 2.2 million)

Maximise the power of your words – inspiration for sales professionals

Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PRO gives sales professionals a Churchillian challenge.

Fabulous Feedback. Creating a culture that creates great leaders.

Jean Gamester DTM, Lieutenant Governor Education & Training District 91

5 tips to build confidence when delivering a sales presention

Sandy Eifion-Jones, Epsom Speakers Club

Winning beginnings – how to open a speech with impact.

Lyn Roseaman Area 45 Governor. (readership 2.2million!) This article was in the print version as well as online.

Spinnaker Speakers – local press:

Spinnaker Speakers Article_Jan_15

How to master the art of public speaking. Josephine Fairly of Green & Black quotes Toastmaster Sandy Eifion-Jones

and her words on wisdom on eye contact and confidence, in The Telegraph (readership 1.2million)

6 Tips to build confidence when delivering a talk.

Sandy Eifion-Jones, Epsom Speakers Club. (readership 53k)

How to use visual aids effectively and creatively when giving a presentation.

Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PRO The Business Today website. (readership 52k)

Presenters are you becoming invisible and losing audience connection?

Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PRO (readership 48k)

Building your confidence in public speaking.

Listen to the podcast as Meg Heyworth DTM is interviewed on Knowing Your Business: online business conversations.

Why every presentation needs D.R.A.M.A.

Meg Heyworth DTM, member of Worthing Speakers and Eastbourne Speakers gives a five point approach to help you deliver a great speech every time! (readership 173k)

Should you use notes when giving a speech? What are your options?

Bob Ferguson DTM, Herfordshire Speakers.

How business owners will benefit from joining a Toastmasters International public speaking club.

Knowing Your Business: online conversations. Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PR Officer is interviewed.

10 reason why most presentations fail

by Barbara Moynihan (page 31)

Ten ways to build rapport and engage your audience when presenting or speaking

by Dorothea Stuart DTM, District 91 PR Officer, shares (readership 173k)

BBC Radio Wiltshire interview with President Yvonne Davis and VPE Bob Gaught Thamesdown Speakers

14 August 2014

How to deal with difficult questions when giving a speech or presentation

by Anthony Garvey, Tralee Toastmasters.

Tips on how to react on your feet if your business presentation is not going to plan

by Michael Collins, District PRO 2013-14

The many reasons why you should join Toastmasters Club

Anthony Garvey, Tralee Toastmasters a great article on Toastmasters

Breathing tips for public speakers and presenters

Another fantastic article by Toastmaster Tom Balmont of Reading Speakers Club.

How to bounce back from a brain freeze when delivering a presentation.

District Toastmaster of the year, Christina Hession, shares useful techniques.

How to make your presentation stick in the memory with 7 key techniques

by Eric Fitzpatrick

The importance of being able to sell yourself

Michael Collins, District PRO 2013-14, makes it into the Financial Times

How to boost your confidence through public speaking

by Jim Davidson, Perth Toastmasters, Scotland, writes on one of the key soft skills in in the workplace.

How deal with heckling during a presentation / training.

Toastmaster Eric Fitzpatrick shares some techniques.

What we learn at a Toastmasters club – an interview with members of Thamesdown Speakers

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