Sandra Lawes is D91’s Chief Ambassador for the REP

Have you heard of the REP? If not, you will do very soon!


It stands for the Revitalized Education Program and it is the largest and most important update to the Toastmasters education program since 1942, when the first basic training manual was developed.

Making sure that the program is up to date and meets the needs of our members and our clubs is crucial to the future of Toastmasters. It’s exciting and positive but like all change, it can make us feel a little uncertain until we get used to it.

This is where Sandra Lawes comes in. Sandra has been nominated by the District Leadership Team and appointed Sandra Lawesby World HQ as District 91’s Chief Ambassador to lead a team of Ambassadors.

The role of the Ambassadors is:

  • to communicate the information about the new program to all clubs
  • to get answers to your questions and feedback your views and ideas to World HQ
  • to make sure our members understand the benefits of the new program and how it will
  • work for them
  • to help ensure all our clubs are ready for the introduction of the REP.

There is a lot to do but we’ve got plenty of time as parts of the program are still under development and the earliest pilot Districts (probably not us) are currently scheduled to start using the new program from the Autumn of 2016.

Ambassadors Needed!

Sandra is recruiting the Ambassadors now (each one will support about 5 or 6 clubs – perhaps more in London due to the close proximity of the clubs). They will not be Area or Division Directors (who already have plenty to do!). Sandra is looking for experienced Toastmasters who understand the current education program and are confident about visiting clubs and communicating new ideas and concepts, as well as feeding questions and ideas back through her to World Headquarters. If you are looking for a new leadership challenge and want to play a key role in preparing our District for this crucial change. To contact Sandra click here

Who is Sandra Lawes?

Sandra has a Toastmaster since 2001 and she is passionate about the benefits of the program and the organisation. She has always really enjoyed the leadership part of the program and has served as Area Governor, Assistant Division Governor, Division Governor and District Secretary.

Sandra says “I achieved my Distinguished Toastmaster award in April 2013 and I’m hungry for a new challenge. I have a reputation for working in a team and getting things done. I am thrilled to be part of this exciting initiative which has come from the Board of Directors’ 2010 Strategic Plan.”

So where are we with the REP now?

A great deal of hard work has already been done to decide on the new program, putting the needs of the individual member at the core of everything. The aim is to keep the best elements of our current education program and we already know the REP will maintain Toastmasters’ four guiding principles: experiential learning, self-paced learning, peer evaluation and mentoring. We have already been assured that existing awards will still be valid and there will be a long transition period to allow members to finish projects and manuals they are currently working on when our District introduces the REP (no timescale has yet been set but it is unlikely to be before 2017).

Once the Ambassadors have been recruited, we will begin to communicate the information about the REP both by visiting clubs and at special events such as Division and District Conferences.

So watch this space and very soon the REP will mean a great deal more to you than a three letter acronym!

2 Responses to Sandra Lawes is D91’s Chief Ambassador for the REP

  1. Dorothea Stuart says:

    Congratulations Sandra. It’s great to have you on the team!

  2. Coralie Frances says:

    Congratulations Sandra. I am delighted to learn that you have been appointed to the Chief Ambassador role.