Speaking on a Cruise Liner

By David Henderson

Speaking at contests is much the same as delivering talks on board ships on which I work as a guest speaker; one is really being judged one way or the other.

Passengers on cruise ships are, generally speaking, mightily discerning and demanding audiences – a bit like our contest judges.

Nothing could be truer than the old adage “You can please some of the people some of the time…..” 

I have never actually ‘died’ on stage, but some audiences are hard to please and I have been, unfairly, accused of sexism, ageism and misogyny.    

But if I have 498 satisfied customers and just two complaints at the end of each talk, I do tend to regard that as a reasonable result. I certainly never receive the benefit of written feedback as we get in Toastmasters. But if they buy me a gin and tonic, that’s a good substitute.

It’s a great “Life On The Ocean Wave” as a guest of the various cruise lines that I work for.

I recommend it to my fellow Toastmasters. It was a privilege to represent Guildford Speakers at Club and Area Contest.

I’m only sorry that I wasn’t at the Division Contest…..yes, you guessed it; I’ll be at sea around South-East Asia.

David is a member of Guildford Speakers, Area 14 since April 2009, won the Area 14 Humorous Speech contest when he regaled all with stories of his first career as a British Airways pilot. David gives us a snapshot of what life is like on board cruise liners as he sails around the world “speaking” , in the second phase of his career.

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