The D91 Explorers Cup – By Andy Hammond

A brand new trophy was launched at the Gatwick Conference on 4th November – The D91 Explorers’ Cup! The idea was first suggested by Filip Balota, President of Gatwick Communicators and Conference Director, based on his experience of a similar initiative in the Netherlands. Andy Hammond, Program Quality Director, agreed that the District would sponsor the award as it supports the aims of encouraging members to broaden their knowledge and share their experiences by visiting other Toastmasters clubs.

The way it works is that the trophy can be claimed from the host club when at least three members of another club take on roles at the same meeting of the host club. They must ensure there is photographic evidence which is then posted on social media and the District 91 website. They then retain the D91 Explorers’ Cup until such time as another club claims it by the same process.

The D91 Explorers’ Cup is starting its epic journey at our newest chartered club, Gatwick Communicators. Where its travels will take it in the coming years is up to you. Will your club be the next to hold the trophy? I am really looking forward to seeing the D91 Explorers’ Cup appearing across our entire District as it meets new friends on its adventures.

Details for Gatwick Communicators can be found here.

Andy Hammond


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