Tips from Clubs

by David Howarth, Area Director K12

On a warm sunny November Saturday morning I visited Barking Toastmasters, meeting 3 times a month now in the local library from 10.00hrs – 12.00hrs. I met “Clicker” and was surprised how many times it spoke to me during my brief table topic moment. Now the “Clicker” was something Barking Toastmasters club was trialling for the first time to help improve the quality of speech. Swati (Ah counter) was in charge! When a speaker said ‘so’, ‘um’, ‘aah’, or filler words, the clicker was clicked. It was distracting to start with as speakers had to continue their speech after a “click” and get back on track. As speakers went on there was an awareness and less filler words used. Well done Barking!

A Table Topics with a difference – the Table Topics Master gave 2 words ie ‘Ladder & Horse’, ‘Land & Plant’, ‘Cube & Desert’ etc then the Table Topics speaker wrote their name and words on the board, link and talked about them. Very interesting and creative. Can you use this to be creative in your Table Topics? –

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