6 Weeks to Go. Lots done. Lots still to do.

6 Weeks to Go!

From Jean Gamester, District Director

With 6 weeks to go to the end of the Toastmasters Year, I’m delighted to see that our district is doing so well.  We are on the verge of being a distinguished district because of our growth and strength and for the second year running, we are currently in the top 3 districts when it comes to the percentage of distinguished clubs.


At last weekend’s conference we saw people stretching themselves to achieve at the highest level – honing international speeches, delivering great workshops, competing to be elected as district leaders.  These guys didn’t see a target and do just about enough to get over the line.  They they didn’t give up because the target seemed challenging.  They strove to jump over the line, to keep trying so they could get better and better.

And that is what I would love for us to challenge ourselves to do in these last six weeks of the Toastmasters Year.  

Distinguished Clubs : Being distinguished is what all our clubs are aiming for – it shows our members are achieving educational awards, our leaders are trained and our clubs are growing.

Well done to the 85 clubs that are distinguished so far, and 8 that are Presidents Distinguished already 🙂

There are another 30 clubs that have 4 or more DCP goals- just on the verge of reaching the goal.  Some of these clubs only need one more point and some of them need to get to 20 members (or a gain of 5 from the beginning of the year). There’s another 25 clubs that they could make it too I’m sure – a few more goals met, a few more members signed up.  If are from one of these clubs who wants to get distinguished, if you need help or ideas, our district leaders are there to help – area directors, division directors and district leadership team – just reach out.


We have had an extra-ordinary surge of new members this Toastmasters year.   An amazing 1,967 people have joined clubs in our district since the beginning of July 2015!  That is 40% of the total number of people (5011) in our district right now – so if you have been around a while, please do everything you can to support them to get the most out of our organisation.

One thing I am really sad about is that we haven’t received renewals for 1,185 members of our district (yet?).  That is 1,185 people out of our total of 5011 members – 24%!  Now I think Toastmasters is simply the best way for people to develop confidence, leadership and communications skills, and I suspect anyone else reading this does too.  So let’s try to understand why these members of our clubs, our areas, our divisions, haven’t renewed, and then take action.

Is it because they have not achieved their goals or because they haven’t valued being part of Toastmasters?  Is it because they haven’t organised to pay their dues? Or is it because the club treasurer hasn’t passed on the dues payment to Toastmasters?

Whatever reason it is, let’s address it together before they lose out on their membership at the end of this month.  If it’s about not getting value from Toastmasters, then let’s try harder to ensure that our members get the opportunities they deserve, and reach out to them and welcome them back.  If it’s about organising payments, then that is much easier – we just need to get organised!

Our Clubs

We have welcomed in 13 new clubs so far this year, and I’m delighted to say that we have more on the way.  It is brilliant to have this level of growth – this is why we needed to grow 2 new divisions and 5 new areas for next year so we can give all our clubs the support they deserve.

I’m sad to say that two clubs are no longer operating and that we have 6 clubs that haven’t so far renewed the minimum number of members (8).  If you are part of one of those clubs, do reach out and ask for help – we are all here to help you get there.

Lots done. Lots we can still do to make this the best year ever.

So, fellow District 91ers, lots and lots achieved already – I am so proud of all of our leaders and members across our district.

Last year we did the best that we had ever done as a district, and this year we have built on that and are doing even better.  We have just 6 weeks to go to the end of the Toastmasters year – let’s do everything we can to stretch ourselves – not to get points and prizes but to achieve our goal of running amazing clubs and growing our membership so that more and more people can experience the power of what we do.

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