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The Advantages of Advanced Clubs

After a few years in Toastmasters International, you may look at further ways of advancing your speaking skills. Challenging yourself to contests and attending conferences or a Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI) all helps, but have you considered joining an advanced club?

Having been a member of Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Toastmasters Club for one year, I have concluded there are three good reasons to join such clubs.

Firstly – I was first attracted to visiting Cornerstone Communicators due to their programme of useful workshops. Some workshops are facilitated by club members and fellow Toastmasters, but external experts are brought in occasionally (and workshops are often free to members). For example, I have attended valuable workshops on quite specific but relevant topics such as: rhetorical devices, “winning evaluations”, humorous speeches, stand-up comedy, presenting on the radio, being interviewed by journalists and so on. The workshops not only provide knowledge but stimulate and motivate further thoughts.

Secondly – Cornerstone Communicators (and other advanced clubs) just do things differently. For example, rather than a standard evaluation the club usually offers an open evaluation – where each member of the audience is invited to provide a commendation and recommendation. I have found this particularly useful for improving my own speeches, and the audience seem to enjoy it too. Table Topics are very different, and more akin to the impromptu speaking seen on TV. Quite often two or more members will perform together – perhaps one narrating and the other miming, or there may be an absurd dialogue or interview situation in which the two members verbally spar. These Table Topics are indeed challenging but also so much fun than the norm.

Thirdly – As might be expected the members of advanced clubs are experienced speakers, many are professional presenters and workshop facilitators. As with most Toastmasters, they are willing to provide expert advice, valuable within and outside of Toastmasters. They are also well connected and know of conference organisers looking for speakers etc. Unlike one-off courses, advanced clubs give you on-going access to these experts.

Most advanced clubs require their members to have completed six projects, but they also welcome guests at e their meetings and workshops. I recommend visiting your local advanced club as a guest as soon as you can, rather than wait until you are qualified to join – like with Toastmasters I wish I had joined sooner. Whilst the club is focused on advanced skills, all new members are made to feel welcome and encouraged to try our new techniques.

In Districts 71 and 91 the advanced clubs are: Advanced Orators (Manchester), Anglian Advanced Speakers, Cornerstone Communicators, Cashel Club, Cork Ireland Advanced Pros Club, Edinburgh Advanced ToastmastersExcalibur Advanced Speakers and PowerTalk (Dublin). If you are interested in trying Cornerstone Communicators (in Markyate) then email me for further details.

Go on, treat yourself and join one of the advanced clubs!

Social Media Means More Members

1. Introduction

Below are some of my hot practical tips on how to build your club membership using social media, in particular Facebook. My experience is based on many years as a Director of several corporates responsible for marketing and business development, plus eight years of building my own small consulting practice, along with being responsible for the initial marketing and branding of Haresfoot Brewery and more recently BerkoBeerFest. I was the District 91 PR Manager last year (2017-18) and this year I have started Stevenage Speakers Club. This blog follows on from my webinar masterclass delivered last week (I will share the link to the video once live).

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DLT Dispataches – June 2018

Pedro Casillas – District Director (DD)

End of Toastmasters Year 2017-18

As you will know, 30 June marks the end of the current Toastmasters Year 2017-18, and what a year it has been! We started the year with the aim of building on the foundations for continued growth and excellence across our District. We reviewed and updated our processes on how we do things – including:

  • District budgeting, the running of District Executive Committee meetings,
  • the improvement in communications from the DLT to all our members via the excellent Newsletters which Nigel Oseland, D91 PR Manager,
  • the sharing of documentation via our D91 website.

Through these updates, D91 has continued to grow and excel and this has been reflected in our success at DSP.

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Meet a Leader – Arnaud Sartre

Arnaud Sartre is not only our incoming Club Growth Director (CGD), he is also area Director of the Year. I was keen to catch up with Arnaud.

Arnaud, I remember you telling me about your home town, tell me more?
I was raised in Lyon, which is the third biggest city in France. Lyon is beautiful, it is just two hours from the sea, two hours from the Alps and two hours from Paris. Lyon probably has the best food in the world because of its traditional “bouchons” and many Michelin star chefs, probably the most famous being L’Auberge of Paul Bocuse.

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Club Anniversaries – by Pedro Casillas

I have recently had the pleasure to attend two Club 20-year anniversaries and have been informed about a club’s 11th anniversary.

London Communicators, Founded by Sue Warner

It was wonderful to be able to attend the 20th anniversary dinner recently in Upper Street, Islington. We had a wonderful meal, table topics, speeches by, amongst others, founding President Sue Warner, Current President Dinah Tobias and by special guest, Simon Bucknall. I was impressed by the enthusiasm of all the members and by the welcome that I and all guests received. If you are ever in north London, make sure to visit London Communicators!

London Communicators with Sue Warner, Pedro Casillas, Dinah Tobias and Simon Bucknall

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