Beauty Zindi – Candidate for Division Director

Beauty Zindi – Candidate for Division Director

Why are you running for this District Leadership Role? Why now?

I have gained a lot of experience in my various leadership roles inside and outside of Toastmasters. Division Director is a natural step forward in my personal development journey
within Toastmasters, as well as a great opportunity to serve an organisation whose values and mission I truly believe change lives.

What is your vision for the role?

My vision of the Division Director role is threefold:
i) Work harmoniously with all the Area Directors under my supervision, giving them all the support I possibly can in their service to Clubs.
ii) Work as an efficient and effective bridge between the District Leadership Team and the Area Directors so that initiatives coming from the DLT filter down to Clubs, as well as communicating feedback from Areas to the DLT.
iii) Encourage cooperation between clubs, via the Area Directors, so that stronger clubs can support weaker ones to enable all members who want to flourish to do so.

How will you go about achieving this vision?

I believe that the key ingredient to success in an organisation such as ours is building relationships. When people feel valued and supported they can accomplish much. It is my intention to get to know all my Area Directors, their challenges and visions, and to give them the support they need to help their clubs.

How do you plan to achieve Distinguished status?

My aim will be to have a clear Division Success Plan agreed with all Area Directors. This will keep us focused on the actions we need to take, with clear accountability for actions. I will ensure that we all understand the performance measures established by Toastmasters International HQ and most importantly communicate the fact that these measures reflect how
well our members are doing and are not just measures for measurement’s sake. My aim would be to come up with a plan for achieving President’s Distinguished Division.

What is the greatest challenge you may face as District Leader?

Inspiring my team to balance their time commitments by having a plan which focuses on agreed priorities

How will you work with others to achieve success?

i) Listen to my team to get their input and feedback
ii) Communicate in a streamlined fashion to avoid information overload while staying
focused on the key objectives
iii) Lead by example as I always strive to do.

17 Responses to Beauty Zindi – Candidate for Division Director

  1. Steve Vear says:

    I worked with Beauty when I was Division A Director in the last Toastmaster year.
    Beauty is a wonderful person with very strong interpersonal skills.

    She has some very strong leadership skills, supportive of people but also able to challenge and drive initiative when necessary.

    Beauty will make a wonderful Division director and the team of area directors are likely to flourish with her leadership.

    Steve Vear
    Wessex Speakers – Division A Director 2017/18

  2. Sunil Hathi says:

    Before I became a member of Toastmasters, Beauty made me feel immediately welcome by her warm and charismatic personality. After joining, she called me for a chat about my background and what I would like to achieve from Toastmasters. I felt that she really wanted to know me as she listened intently.
    After my first Table Topics, I received an immediate follow-up e-mail congratulating me. This really encouraged me to further take up other roles and do my Ice Breaker speech.
    In terms of organisation and timing, Beauty has been active at encouraging new members to take on responsibilities and move along the new Pathway. She even created documents to guide members through the pathway process.
    Prior to my first speech, I asked for a mentor to help me through the planning stage of the speech. Beauty immediately put me in touch with an experienced member at the club.
    I believe Beauty would be an ideal candidate for the role as Divisional Director.

  3. MuraliMohan Vylur says:

    I know about Beauty’s leadership skills through my experience of working with her in the Watford speakers Toastmaster’s club.
    Beauty is good at making her team see beyond the ordinary and make them work towards it.
    She is forward-looking, good at creating strategic plans and rallying her team to achieve the desired outcomes.I am certain that she has all the skills and capabilities to make a very good Division Director.

  4. Steve Brewer says:

    Beauty Zindi testimonial

    Beauty Zindi is without doubt one of the best toastmasters I have ever met.The concept of Service leadership is at the core of how she operates ,not for her the lip service this lady can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.There are many examples I could give you but here are three.

    As my evaluator, she gave me arguably my first tough evaluation but without doubt my first valuable one as I was lifted by someone taking the time to recognise what I had done well and the way in which I could improve.

    The second was for a Speech Craft course that I was looking to run as an extracurricular activity for the club many members were against it,but not Beauty she was intrigued about how Speech Craft worked and the different dynamics in its format compared to the normal club meeting formats.Without her support and enthusiasm that initiative would have failed and the many repeated variations that followed would not have occurred

    My last example is when she was Finance lead for District 91 and gave her report at the conference.These reports can be challenging to deliver as the subject matter can be dry and as its about money they can be emotive.She delivered the facts in a manner that was disarmingly humourous and gave all those in the room the confidence that she knew where every last penny was and she was in charge. 

    The best leaders know when to lead and when to follow ,she has proved to me she can do this at every level. Beauty as Division L Director ,both the Division and lets face it the District are in very good hands.

    Steve Brewer

    Division L Director 2016-17     

  5. Elaine Lawrence says:

    It is great to learn that Beauty Zindi has been put forward as candidate for Division Director. I first met and worked with Beauty during my role as Area Director in 2017 – 2018. I found her to be extremely charismatic, hardworking, down to earth and a strong and powerful District Finance Manager.

    Whilst working together I found Beauty was always professional, nurturing and encouraging especially when it came to anything financial. She is an accomplished leader.

    In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for Beauty’s application for the role of Division Director. I am confident that she will surpass all expectations in this new position. She is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful and I know she will continue to create success within Toastmasters.

  6. Amparo Villamil says:

    Beauty is one of the most inspiring toastmasters I have come across. She has a great ability to bring out the best in people through her caring, friendly and cheerful personality. I see her as a very good leader as she is very focused and determined to do the roles she undertakes to a high standard.

    I would be delighted to see her achieving whatever leadership goals she has at Toastmasters.

  7. Carlos Gimeno says:

    Beauty is the embodiment of the Toastmasters promise. I have never met anyone with such an incredible balance between efficiency and empathy.

    She is also a good leader: tough when she needs to be tough and supportive when she needs to be supportive.

    I cannot think of anyone better for the Division L Director role!

  8. Shola Salako says:

    I worked with Beauty when she was Finance Officer and I was a member of the audit committee. Her commitment and flexibility were demonstrated by her taking the time to meet at a central London station to exchange documents.
    At a divisional meeting she gave a Finance report that was clear and concise.
    One of the best things about Toastmasters is the people we meet.
    Beauty’s can do, friendly and helpful conduct made her a pleasure to work with. I hope she gets this role and believe Toastmasters need more leaders like her.

  9. Kavita Dulai says:

    Beauty Zindi testimonial

    I have known Beauty for a number of years(Since 2003) both as my mentor & a leader. I have always trusted her empathetic & balanced advice &her timely decisions.

    Beauty inspires us to follow by setting a good example herself with her hard work, passion & commitment to Toastmasters. I am delighted she is standing for Division Director because she has all to ingredients to make a great leader in any organisation.

    I feel her Number strength is Honesty & Integrity. Beauty succeeds because she sticks to both her own values and core beliefs and the Toastmasters International Vision & Promise

    Kavita Dulai
    Past Immediate Area Director 61 (2017-2018)

  10. Matthew Auld says:

    Beauty has a real presence when you meet her – kind, generous, warm and welcoming. She leads from the front, stepping up when needed, leading by example, knowing when to feed back the difficult yet constructive recommends and when to encourage. Extremely competent; Beauty is consistent and a very talented natural leader who will rise to any challenge with positivity, integrity and commitment!

  11. Barbara Saph says:

    I believe that Beauty would be a superb Division L Director, she has a warm friendly personality that inspires confidence in other people.
    Not only is she genuinely interested in each person that she meets but if she says she will do something you can be certain she will do it to the very best of her capabilities and she will lead others to do the same.
    I was Area A1 Director the same year that Beauty was Finance Manager and I have to say she made that job look like a walk in the park, which I know it wasn’t, so that is a wonderful testament to her skills not only in leadership but in communication.

    Barbara Saph
    Area Director 2017-18

  12. Alecia Esson says:

    As a new member of Toastmasters, Beauty has been very welcoming, kind, nurturing and giving of her time. I appreciate her patience and efforts to get to know me on an individual level. It is a great pleasure to be around and learn from beauty’s style of leadership, always consistent, organised and committed to getting the best out of everyone and every situation.

    One of the best traits about Beauty is that she is a doer, she does not just have ideas, but she makes sure she finds ways to execute on those ideas, I find as a leader that is the kind of mindset that pushes an organisation forward.

    It has been a great pleasure to be around beauty, someone I have come to consider a mentor and have the utmost respect for. I believe that Beauty is an asset, and the kind of leader to push this division forward.

    If you want success, growth and to create an exemplary district then Beauty Zindi is the woman to make that happen.

  13. Mick Salami says:

    Beauty, is a leader who shows keen interest in developing other Toastmasters. She looks for every opportunity to help and assist other members and enjoys to see them grow by contributing to their development from leadership and communication perspectives.

    Beauty enjoys serving other clubs within the area and division and has been a source of inspiration to others throughout this tm. Beauty is passionate, enthusiastic and a role model to others.

  14. Cat K says:

    From my experience, Beauty is focussed, driven and effective. I served alongside her on the District Leadership Team 2017/18 when she held the Finance Manager position.

    She showed a huge commitment to the role and its responsibilities. She demonstrated a balance of attention to detail alongside a special ability to bring ‘boring accounting’ to life with flair and humour.

    This combination of being highly organised and an effective communicator will stand her in good stead as Division Director.

  15. Coralie Frances says:

    Beauty Zindi
    Beauty is one of the founder members of the very successful Watford Speakers club which has achieved 5 DTMS since it began in 2008. She has been instrumental in finding us excellent venues.
    Beauty was the first toastmaster to greet me and sit next to me at my first toastmasters meeting in 2010. She made me welcome and gave me a toastmaster magazine. Not long after she rang me and persuaded me to join the committee; my toastmaster’s career was launched.
    Beauty continually goes the extra mile to recruit and support new members. Always making time to speak to everyone at meetings and support members. She recognises the importance of the Individual member.
    A member since 2003 with a break for maternal duties during which she continued to follow and keep abreast of the progress and changes within the club and Toastmasters International. Beauty is a valuable, skilled and inspirational Toastmaster. Watford Speakers and Toastmasters International are fortunate to have Beauty’s energies and skills.
    Beauty has a sound knowledge of the rules and the wider world of toastmasters beyond club level. She is an eloquent speaker and effective leader. With her pleasant, determined manner and persuasive speaking skills Beauty makes things happen for the better.
    Beauty will embrace, nurture and progress the role of Division Director within Toastmasters International.

    Coralie Frances DTM

  16. Dee Wallace CC, ALB says:

    Beauty visited our club (corporate Club – TJXpressions) to give an evaluation workshop. She was very well prepared and delivered a well-structured speech with clear and helpful content, involving a helpful mnemonic based on her own experiences. Beauty was a speaker whom everyone warmed to and was easily able to hold the audience’s attention throughout with her impassioned delivery. She clearly showed she was eager to help others improve their evaluations, focusing on specific recommendations to impart to the speaker being evaluated. I van still clearly remember her session although it was over a year ago.

  17. Stevie Brooks says:

    After recently joining Toastmasters at Watford Speakers, Beauty has been very helpful as my mentor, giving me confidence and guidance on my journey so far.

    Beauty is a natural leader and this has been shown clearly to me in my time at Watford Speakers so far. She has been a driving force on the officers committee, pushing us as a group to achieve our potential.

    I believe Beauty is the perfect candidate for Division Director and will deliver on her promises during her time in office.