Call For Nominations 2019-20

Nominations for Trio and Division Directors


Serving as a District Leader is a great responsibility, but an exciting opportunity to further develop your communication and leadership skills.  The District Leadership Committee (DLC) is seeking Nominations for the roles of Division Director, Club Growth Director, Programme Quality Director and District Director.

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First call for Nominations for District Officers for 2018-19 by Friday 14 December 2018

If you know of someone you feel would make a suitable candidate, or would like to nominate yourself, please complete the following paperwork

After this date, the DLC will contact candidates to arrange interviews and will seek out other candidates as appropriate.

The final report of the DLC will be circulated to District Council members by 6 April 2019, 4 weeks prior to the District Council meeting on 4th May 2019, when voting will take place.

Any questions, please contact the Committee Chair

Floor Candidates

Floor candidates may declare their intent to run after the DLC results have been announced.

At the District Council elections, the following procedure will be followed in respect of floor candidates for the roles of district director, program quality director, club growth director, and division director.

For each office, the district director inquires whether there are additional nominations from the floor.

  1. Floor candidates or, in their absence, their designees state their eligibility qualifications.
  2. Floor candidates must be nominated by a member of the district council or their proxyholder.
  3. Floor candidates provides a signed the Officer Agreement and Release Statement.

Appointed District Leadership Team Roles

The following roles are appointed by the incoming District Director – Public Relations Manager, Finance Manager or Administration Manager.  If you would like to find out more about these roles, please contact any of the the current District Trio (Andy Hammond DTM, Florian Bay and Arnaud Sartre).

Area Director Elections

Please click here for information on the Area Director Role.

Please click here for the AREA-DIRECTOR-ELECTION-PROCEDURE, including information on how to notify the District Director of the results of the election.


Candidates will need to submit the official Candidate Application Form, the Nomination Form, and the Officer Agreement and Release Form to the District Leadership chair  by the time of the interview process.

Download  forms here:


Candidate Application Form (submit) PDF
Nomination Form (submit) PDF
Officer Agreement and Release Form (submit) PDF
District Nominations Schedule
(information only, nothing to submit)
District Leader Qualifications and responsibilities
(information only, nothing to submit)
Division Director guidance (info only) PDF

 Select Your Nomination Using The Form  Below :


Director Div ADirector Div BDirector Div CDirector Div HDirector Div JDirector Div KDirector Div L



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