News from Pedro Casillas DTM, Program Quality Director

Recent DOT (District Officer Training) saw 87% of Division and Area Directors attending an excellent day of Toastmasters education. A fantastic turnout!

Pedro Casillas Program Quality Director

Pedro Casillas
Program Quality Director

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News from PR Manager, Helena Brewer

Have you been FED?

Helena Brewer PR Manager

Helena Brewer
PR Manager

As Toastmasters we communicate mainly by speaking, but that is not the only way. In our District there are plenty of budding writers, from club blogs to Facebook posts. Read More

News from Finance Manager, Meg Heyworth

Assistance to Division and Areas for venue hire


Meg Heyworth Finance Manager

Subject to approval of the District budget by Toastmasters International, District 91 will pay up to £100 towards venue hire by Areas for the purpose of Club Officer Training. Read More

My Robert’s Rules Learning Curve

My Robert’s Rules Learning Curve

District 91 Director Jean Gamester, DTM

Before I became District 91 Director, I had attended and participated in lots of district council meetings.  I thought I had the hang of it when I took on the District Director role, but it turned out that my predecessors had made it look easy.

roberts rulesI was fortunate to get a clue that I was on a steep learning curve when I ran my first District Executive Committee meeting in September with the Area and Division Directors.  It was fairly light, nothing that couldn’t be handled, but I realised that Robert’s Rules were less of a list of rules and more of a whole new language, especially when it came to handling motions.  And handling motions becomes more complicated when you take into account that we have a detailed set of governing documents in Toastmasters, and we need to make sure that any motion doesn’t conflict with them. Read More

New Expense Claim Form

Following feedback from our recent (successful) audit, we have redesigned the District 91 expenses claim form.  This form should be used for all future claims.

Voucher for Reimbursement

This form can also be found on the district’s finance page –