Club Officer Training – First Round

The following modules must be included in the first round of Club Officer Training, which must be delivered by the 31st of August. Please ensure you are familiar with the content. You are free to conduct the modules in whatever way best serves your club leaders and to include other information that you think your leaders need. Please contact Program Quality Director Vanessa King if you need further guidance.

Club Officer Roles

The purpose of this session is to ensure all club leaders know what is expected of them in their roles. You can use the Club Leadership Handbook, which Club Presidents should have received and distributed to their officers and is available as a PDF. There are also manuals for every club leader role.

Club Leadership Handbook



Sergeant at Arms


Vice President Education

Vice President Membership

Vice President Public Relations

How to be Distinguished

The purpose of this session is to ensure all officers know how the Distinguished Club Program works and how it is a reflection of how well a club is serving its members (not just a tick-box exercise!) It also looks at the Moments of Truth educational program and its role as a tool for reflection on a club’s performance.

Creating a Quality Club – Manual

Creating a Quality Club – PowerPoint Slides

Moments of Truth

The Moments of Truth educational module should be delivered in all clubs at least twice per year. It is a great tool for reflecting on the performance of the club as far as delivering an excellent service to our members. It will also help Area Directors to complete their Area Visit Reports efficiently. Area Directors should all have a hard copy of the program, however there is also a digital download available.

Moments of Truth Presentation

Moments of Truth – PDF

Moments of Truth Chart

Moments of Truth Handout

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