D91 Toastmaster partners are the business – joint AI and networking breakfast

At Toastmasters District 91 we are excited to report on the amazing work being accomplished by our many member clubs. With a special business breakfast event, we will strive to provide useful information that drives growth, business development, and share developments that are changing our world. One such world-changing development is the continued evolution and implementation of artificial intelligence and new technologies.

One of our standard clubs, Chiltern Speakers, and three of the Toastmaster partners focused on this area are Verizon Toastmasters, FM Global Communicators, and Microsoft Speakers. At an upcoming business breakfast, they will be discussing several key ways that AI and new technologies are impacting not only the business world but also our lives as a whole.

Topics Covered

  • Verizon Toastmasters: will be heading up the entire event and will shape the overall format and the direction of conversation and discussion. Master of Ceremonies will be Lindsey Thomas and their topic will be presented by Deepinder Chhabra. Their topic of discussion will be the technical views around AI. The discussion around AI has been energetic and varied from its many applications to even questions about its moral impact. The topic will be one that will shape many conversations that are yet to come.
  • Chiltern Speakers: will be providing organisation and all of the related activities that will make this event happen with assistance from Paul Imre, Eddie Maguire, Terry Edwards and past recent member Mark Plummer. Their topic will be presented by Mark and will cover the many opportunities AI and cyber development will create in the business world. Mark is currently building a $1BN business and will set the scene as to why the business community need to wake up.
  • FM Global Communicators: will be represented by Charlotte Brennan and the topic covered will be around cyber risks and insurance. These risks can include, physical access, hacking, social engineering, phishing, and other ways digital information can be stolen or illegally accessed. AI will have a notable role in improving the security measures that prevent such associated cyber risks.
  • Microsoft Speakers: will be represented by the highly knowledgeable Ula Howlett who will be covering AR (augmented reality) and its impact. Augmented reality brings elements from virtual reality technology into the real world creating overlays that provide useful information and new ways to interact with the world. Ula and her company, Siyona Tech, look to educate and help businesses gain from these technologies.

Learning More

Our corporate partners are each participating in our community and this event shows they contribute not only as individual clubs but also when they work together they can create unique events such as this. This event will cover some of the most relevant technology topics of our time and ones that will have wide-reaching effects. We invite all business colleagues and contacts to attend and learn about these AI and new technologies and what they will mean for our collective futures.

To Book

  • As a Toastmaster, you can invite your business contacts to the event by booking here.
  • If you have not booked your own conference ticket, book here.


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One Response to D91 Toastmaster partners are the business – joint AI and networking breakfast

  1. Greetings from Cork. I must say I’m mighty impressed by this event you’ve designed. I hope it’s a great success.

    The idea of your corporate clubs working together never crossed my mind. I won’t forget your example.

    Congrats to your copywriter.

    I’m on the team for the D71 SafeHaven2018 conference in Cork on 11/13 May.

    Will Dan Rex be at your AI event?

    With best wishes