District 91 PR Contest 2015-16

Clubs throughout UK South Win PR Awards in the District 91 PR Contest!Toastmasters Where Leaders Are Made


Congratulations to the following clubs which were awarded District 91 PR Awards for 2015-16 at the recent Division Contests.  Clbs were nominated by the Division and Area Directors.

Division B:
Best Use of Social Media:
  • Early Bird Speakers Winner
    • Early Bird Speakers won for their `Early Bird TV” comprehensive educational reference library (1500 videos) where members can learn from each other and track their personal growth.
      Through the use of Meetup they have on average 4-5 people attend meetings as a guest.
  • Surbiton Speakers – Highly Commended
    • Surbiton Speakers, which chartered in June 2015, actively use social media including Twitter, Facebook and Meetup, as well as send regular emails to guests, and now have approx. 40 active members with each meeting being attended by 5-10 guests on average.  Pictures from the meetings are regular posted and members are actively encouraged to comment.  They now have around 1,000 Twitter followers up from 20 about 3 months ago!   They also invited the local mayor to the first meeting of the year which got exposure in the local newspaper.
  • The Toast Rack – Highly Commended
    • Though the use of Twitter and hashtags, The Toast Rack have received personal mentions from the TI President, opportunities from the official Toastmaster podcast channel and various clubs around the globe generating awareness and brand attraction.
  • London Victorians – Highly Commended
    • London Victorians regularly post meeting blogs on their website, Facebook and Google+ pages, and upload photos to Meetup.  Guests can easily see when future meetings are on Facebook, and they use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost rankings with web searches.
Epsom & Surbiton PR Contest

Epsom Speakers & Surbiton Speakers

Best Use of External Media:
  • Epsom Speakers – Highly Commended
    • Epsom Speakers received a ‘Highly Commended’ for their consistency in publishing a monthly club newsletter since 1999! With the help of their editor Jean McCullough, they have just published their 205th edition!  This is distributed to the local community, recognises members’ achievements and encourages members to contribute.
Division H
Best Use of Social Media:
  • Lewes Speakers – Winner
    • Using a comprehensive multi-touch marketing and publicity campaign via social media, print media, radio, leafleting and networking, Lewes Speakers Club has attracted new members and enticed former members back.  It is promoted as a lively, active and sociable local club, and along with TI as a confidence – and career – building organisation.  They have also raised awareness of the vital importance of public speaking skills for leadership in the community.
  • Tunbridge Wells Speakers – Highly Commended
    • With the help of new member David Cox, Tunbridge Wells Speakers recently updated their website giving it a spring clean which has led to numerous enquiries and visitors.  They are also on Twitter, & have their own Facebook group and page which has seen a dramatic increase in engagement, reach and likes boosted by blog posts.
Division J:
Best Use of External Media:
  • Malvern Speakers – Winner
    • Malvern Speakers regularly have their meeting reports published in the local newspaper with help from their ‘Journalist in Residence’, Colin Jackson, and have done so since they chartered in August 2013. They now incorporate this onto both the members only and public Facebook pages with pictures of the night’s winners.  They estimate that this has brought 5-10 people per year to visit the club who have become members.   They also use Meetup.

Ray Hatten accepts District PR award on behalf of Berkhamsted Speakers from Vanessa King

Best Use of Social Media:
  • Berkhamsted SpeakersHighly Commended
    • Berkhamsted Speakers ‘re-optimised’ their websiteand regularly update it to improve its Google SEO rankings. They are proactive with Meetup and have 94 followers.  In late 2015, Meetup was instrumental in providing the club with 3 new members and continues to provide a steady stream of guests each quarter.
Division K:
Russian English Speakers PR Contest

Immediate Past VPE Peter Varholak & Founding President David Marks receiving the award from D91 Director Jean Gamester

Best Use of Social Media:
  • Russian English Speakers – Winner
    • Russian English Speakers have an active social media presence including Meetup with 963 members, Facebook with 962 members and Twitter with 914 members. They also organize social events outside of Toastmasters such as weekend breaks and outdoor activities.
  • 1st London Toastmasters – Highly Commended
    • 1st London Toastmasters organized a large series of events both educational, entertaining or inspiring over the year, including a workshop on “successful partnerships”with Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking, 3 educational workshops (on Debate, Humor, Evaluation) with past UK & Ireland Champions (respectively Paul Carroll, Malachi Talabi and Lynne Cantor), a Speechcraft programme to train a group of students at the University of Law and help them start their own Toastmasters students club, and a Diwali night and a Latin America night with exotic food, singing and dancing performances to celebrate the diversity at their club.
      They also used external media (namely the platform of The London Speaker and Toastmasters UKI) as well as Eventbrite and Facebook to advertise and promote these events to a larger audience, raise Toastmasters and 1st London Brand awareness and image, attract and retain new members.
  • Croydon Communicators – Highly Commended
    • Croydon Communicators actively use WhatsApp (a messaging app) that connects 90% of members with each other. It’s used for meeting management, recognition of members, sharing of photos of club events, training on easySpeak, giving advice to members around roles and community building.  In a pinch it has been used to communicate traffic and/or train impacts on arrival times for several members enabling the club to accommodate unforeseen delays affecting meetings.  New members are quickly added to the group and are welcomed by members.
Division L:
Best Use of Social Media:
  • Bloomsbury Speakers – Winner
    • Nominated for their excellent website – clean, simpler and user friendly. They make comprehensive use of Meetup with 1,245 members.  They have an active presence on Facebook (317 followers) and Twitter (284 followers). They also use Mailchimp for sending out member newsletters.

Well done to all the above clubs!  Let’s continue to “grow and be strong” together as we hand the baton over to the incoming club officers in July.

Sue Fish
District 91 PR Manager, 2015-16

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