District Finance leapfrogs into the 21st Century! by Beauty Zindi

Last month, District Finance Manager Beauty Zindi rolled out a shiny, brand-new expenses management system called Concur. Goodbye to cheques – with all the writing (amount in figures and in words!), signing and postage that go with it.

Now, if you want to claim expenses from the District all you need to do is request for a Concur username to be created (by e-mailing finance@d91toastmasters.org) – a process which takes a matter of days. A clear step-by-step guide, which one member described as “short-sharp” training is in place. Once set up, you can submit your expense claim via the Concur website. It will be authorised online and the money will appear, as though by magic, directly into your bank account.

No more time-wasting trips to the bank, no more rims and rims of paper to print claim forms and receipts. Pure bliss for Beauty your Finance Manager and about time too!

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