District Visits & Speakers Arrangements

District Visits

This page provides guidance for people who are organising events or visits where representatives of the district leadership team are attending.


When district representatives attend events in a formal capacity, the only expenses that are covered by the district are reasonable travel costs. Depending on the location they may have traveled relatively long distances. They are volunteers and may have taken time off their work to attend.

District representatives include the District Leadership Team (DLT), Division Governors and Area Governors. This guidance would also be relevant for any international visitors, for example International Board members and Regional Advisors.

Events include all division contests. They also include charter and anniversary ceremonies, workshops, officer training and clubs, where formally invited by the host.

There is a distinction between a district leader formally representing the district at an event, and them simply attending because they would like to as an individual. For example the DLT will always send a specific representative to a division contest, however it is not unusual to find multiple members of the DLT, division and area governors at the contest. This guidance relates to the formal representative(s) only.


It it expected that a district representative will deliver a speech to the attendees at some point in the programme. That will tend to include key messages from Toastmasters International and the district. Hosts should engage with the district representative to agree any other messages or announcements they would like them to make. Although timings may vary, hosts should expect to allow at least 10 minutes, although if they would like the district representative to run a workshop, it is possible they will want to schedule longer.


Please provide a copy of the agenda, address, timings, parking, directions etc.. to the district representative well in advance of the event.

If the representative needs to travel stay overnight, please support them by finding somewhere for them to stay overnight, for example at someone’s home.

Covering entry fees and meals

When a member of the district is a formal representative at your event, they should not to be charged entry fees or for meals.

This means that when planning for the event, any costs for that representative should be included in the costs of running the event so that charges to the attendees cover all costs, including those for the district representative.

Other opportunities

Consider other ways in which that representative could contribute during the visit if time and logistics permit. Examples include;

– Visits to prospective clubs or organisations who could host a corporate club

– Meeting the executive, HR or Learning & Development leaders in an organisation

– Running an educational workshop

– Meeting with a division or area council, a club executive team or some other toastmasters group


Consider how a district leader visiting your club or event could be used as a way of letting more people know about Toastmasters.  You can use social media, press releases for example.

Speakers Arrangements

Toastmasters has strict rules about arrangements for speakers – the costs that can be covered and the fact that fees can’t be charged.  They also cover how they may promote their products and services.

 Click here for the speakers arrangements form. 

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