Evaluation Contest Winners

The success of the active learning in Toastmasters clubs is based on a process of evaluation. We give feedback to each other on our speeches. We evaluate the roles we take in meetings.

Every year we hold a speech evaluation contest. This allows members both to demonstrate their skill and to keep learning and improving.

The contests start at club level. The winners of the club evaluation contests will progress to the area evaluation contests; the winners of the area evaluation contests will progress to the division evaluation contests; the winners of the division contests will meet at the Spring Conference where the finals of the District Evaluation Contest are held.

Our Evaluation Contest winners come from across the district, and are listed below.
Year Contest winner Club Division
2019 James Cross Kings Cross Speakers C
2018 Chinkata Okpara Excalibur Speakers L
2017 Tazud Miah Early Bird Speakers C
2016 Ga Lok Chung City of London, Kings Cross K
2015 Alex de Jong Northavon Speakers A
2014 Simon Bucknall London Cardinals
2013 John Webber Solent Speakers
2012 Lynn Cantor Excalibur Speakers
2011 Chris Boden Maidenhead Speakers
2010 Jane Cameron Southside Speakers
2009 Simon Bucknall Excalibur Speakers
2008 Hilary Briggs Grosvenor Square Speakers
2007 Kate Atkin Anglia Communicators
2006 John Evans Thamesdown Speakers
2005 Bob Ferguson Excalibur Speakers
2004 Chris Cox Cambridge Speakers
2003 Janet Rose Maidenhead Speakers
2001 Ian Rees Maidenhead Speakers
Evaluation Contest Winners Toastmasters UK South

Simon Bucknall 2014 one of our Evaluation Contest Winners Toastmasters

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