Experience at Speaker to Trainer workshop

By Tariq Pasha, Area Director C 34

So what were you up to on the morning of Sunday 2 December?

Having a lie-in? Planning your Christmas shopping? Getting ready to watch one of the three local derby games in the Premier League? 

None of the above for three Division C Area Directors! No, we had signed up for the “Speaker to Trainer“ course designed and led by the inimitable Pedro Casillas.

Tariq Pasha, AD C34

The aim of the course was to give Area Directors (AD) the skills and tools to improve the winter round of Club Officer Training (CoT) about to get under way.

The selected topics neatly dovetailed with the results of Club Leadership survey conducted in November: demystifying and deconstructing Pathways and a session on how to create and run successful clubs that cater for the needs of their members (a.k.a. Moments of Truth). There was also a module on preparing for Divisional and District Leadership for those ADs who may be looking to step up a level next toastmaster year. 

Ken (Area Director C5) particularly enjoyed the practical sessions of brainstorming and presentations, to capture the three pillars of the event; MOT, Pathways and Leadership vision

As you would expect from a course led by Pedro all the session were very hands on and interactive with the delegates presenting their ideas and visions in a series of break-out groups after introductory and priming comments from Mr. Casillas.

Pedro had promised us an intensive day. There was a mountain of pre-course documentation to navigate through before arrival. He had also impressed upon us to bring a packed lunch as there would be no time to leave the building during the day! 

And boy, he was not kidding!

The morning flew by in a whirl and after a short break for lunch we dived straight into the afternoon agenda which also raced by in a flash.  It was a great learning experience for all who took part and I am sure will be invaluable preparation for the next round of COT. 

I would encourage the District to adopt this type of immersive course as a regular feature of the toastmaster year to provide a refresher for ADs as they prepare for the second round of COTs. 

A special thanks to Pedro for his hard work in designing and delivering the modules and to Brad Revell for hosting the event at his offices.

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