Good day fellow members!

Since our last newsletter, we have completed our first round of Club Officer Training and I am happy to share we have a record high number of Club Officers trained (770 officers to be precise).

What does this mean to me? As a member of a Club whose Club Officers have received training, the Club leadership has gained a greater insight into how to provide the best possible experience for members. Ask your Club leaders for further information, I am sure you will be inspired to become a Club leader at the next opportunity.

Club contests are coming to an end with Area Contests now in full swing. With our Humorous and Table Topics events, there are plenty of opportunities to hear from neighbouring contestants. Book your place at your Area Contest, and witness the best your Clubs have to offer, and get inspired to participate at contests in the Spring.

What else has happened? Many of you would have received educational awards, in fact over 300 educational awards have been submitted so far this year. This is an astonishing number! Thank you for achieving so much in only 3 months, that is 1 educational award every 7 hours! Imagine what more can be achieved by the end of the Toastmasters year. Reach out to your VP Education and find out how best to plan for your next project.

Continued membership is the best way to consistently gain new skills and develop your speaking and leadership abilities. By the time this newsletter reaches you, the renewals period will be over and have no doubt you will have renewed your membership. In doubt? Wondering what the Pathways learning programme can bring you? Ask you VP Education for more information and feel free to reach out to other Club or District Leaders, we are here to help!

Our annual District conference, London 2020,  is approaching (1-3 May 2020)! Would you like to be part of history? If you want to know more and get involved, drop me a line. There are a number of roles available whether it be Finance, Public Relations, Education, Sponsorship, Logistics, Registrations and more.

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