Ken Essien – Candidate for Division Director

Ken Essien – Candidate for Division Director

Why are you running for this District Leadership Role? Why now?

I have enjoyed my journey of personal growth since I joined Toastmasters six years ago!

I recall my desire to address the gap I discovered during my personal skills audit which led to an online research for ways to become better at public speaking. Although unfamiliar at the time, the term “Toastmasters” peaked my interest and I would then attend my first Toastmasters meeting as a Guest at Covent Garden Speakers.

Fast forward to this moment, my experience as the present Area Director for Area C05 has been a much valuable leadership experience.

Small Changes, Big Differences….

Having experienced Toastmasters across resourceful clubs, and clubs that have the potential to become more resourceful, I am a firm believer that small changes, and an extra effort in the right places, can often make the difference.  We should all aspire to identify and implement the “extra” which we need for our clubs and Division.

Why I want the role?

Through my Toastmasters journey, I have greatly appreciated my personal growth and the opportunity to gain valuable lessons along the way.  My wish is to leverage on my sense of responsibility, as well as my commitment to excellence, to serve our District in the capacity of Division Director.  I shall contribute towards providing the conducive environment that nurtures the growth of competent and confident Toastmasters.  

If elected, what would be my key actions in the role?

  • Provide service leadership to the Division
  • Provide strong support for Area Directors to succeed in their respective areas
  • Encourage all clubs in the Division to embrace the Toastmasters values and Promise, incorporating these into their individual activities
  • Encourage good engagement and energy amongst the clubs, in pursuit of personal and club growth at all times
  • Facilitate collaboration, cooperation and learning across all clubs, promoting best practices and workshops as necessary
  • Encourage and promote quality and efficiency at club meetings across the Division
  • Give visibility to Toastmasters targets whilst providing the necessary support to clubs, so that their accomplishments would correspond with the required standard of excellence

I very much hope that you will share in my vision for Toastmasters in the coming months. I count on your support and vote on 4th May, 2019 in Ashford.

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