Liang T Li – Candidate for Division Director

Liang T Li – Candidate for Division Director

Why are you running for this District Leadership Role? Why now?

The journey of thousand miles begins with one step.

 I believe taking the challenge step by step can help me to become a better me. I also like seeing other people become better themselves.  Therefore I choose to take a further challenge to run for District Leadership Role.  I’ve started my Toastmaster Leadership Journey on since the Club VPE in MLP London Bridge Speakers from Jun 2016, which is my second year of Toastmasters membership. Then I was lucky to be elected to be Club President for 2016-2017 and Area Director for 2017-2018. Every leadership role in Toastmasters bring my different challenges, and perspectives of perceiving things. Although it takes time and energy to deal with those challenges and unexpected issue, the feeling of achievement of being able to resolve problems and helping others is extraordinary.

Why now=> The first step to getting somewhere is to decide you’re not staying where you are.

“If not now, then when? If not me, then who? “

What is your vision for the role?

Lead and support the Division by supervising and supporting Area Directors to explore their potential and achieve goals.

How will you go about achieving this vision?

Plan it early and ensure every Area Directors get involved.

Communicate with Area Director monthly and find out if they need any help.

Being supportive and give them space to be a leader.

Encourage and then appreciate Area Directors and other helpers commitment.

How do you plan to achieve Distinguished status?

Monitor the clubs with unhealthy status (i.e. less than 20 members) and discuss with Area Director to generate plan to save the club.

Encourage every Area Director to create a new club and brainstorm the leads.

Build consensus with Area Director that it’s possible for every club to become president distinguished club as long as they plan it early and ensure the action is taken.

What is the greatest challenge you may face as District Leader?

Perhaps there might be Area Directors are not active and not committed their roles.

How will you work with others to achieve success?

Creativity, Patience, Encouragement, and Appreciation.

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