London Club Growth Committee, by Graeme Phillips

The plans for a London Club Growth Committee (LCGC) are coming together and my High Performance Leadership Committee is now in place.  I am now keen to find people to join the LCGC itself who I can empower to take the vision forward.

Some things are difficult for the formal setup to offer and my vision is for a less formal committee to support and supplement D91’s offering, acting as a one-stop-shop for new and struggling London clubs.  For instance, a possible activity for the committee is to compile a master list of London venues that are accommodating to TMI clubs, rather than the current situation of prospective clubs having to start the search from scratch.


I also foresee the committee enabling people who just enjoy creating clubs to collaboratively do so in a more relaxed setting without consideration for boundaries and at their own pace without the deadlines that come with the one-year terms of formal officer roles.

All roles are up for discussion, but roles I foresee creating include a LCGC chair, secretary, IT manager, facilities manager (the face of the LCGC for venues) and many more.  Skills that the LCGC will be well placed to offer you the chance to develop include project management, stakeholder management, planning, analysis and several others: – who knows what opportunities may come along as the committee evolves?

If you are interested in this exciting venture, please get in touch.

Interested in a new club project?

Currently, there is an opportunity for you to assist with a couple of specialist club creation projects in Division C, the Europe’s first entirely metropolitan TMI Division that came into existence this TMI year.

One club is intended to specialise in people on the autistic spectrum.  The main idea behind this is to enable such people to receive specialist advice about how to work within the limitations that come with the condition (monotone voice, different body language and gait etc) and still become a great public speaker.

The other proposed specialist club is a Lusophone (Portuguese-language) club: – exactly what it says on the tin, running on the same lines as Russian-English Speakers, Polish Your Polish and Experience French.  Don’t worry if you aren’t a Portugese speaker: – there will be plenty of things to do that will not require this in the pre-charter stage.

If either of these projects interest you (or indeed if you are interested in any new/developing Division C club ideas), please get in touch.

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