Shivpriya Gowri

Humorous Speech 2020/21 Contest Winner

A humorous speech contest is the toughest of all, especially when we try to crack jokes in front of a computer screen. This the first season that I have progressed beyond the club level in the Humorous Speech Contest. It was thrilling trying to impress an audience I couldn’t see and trying to relate to people in London when I haven’t even visited in real life.

What was challenging was also refreshing. I realized that no one would laugh at me to my face (I could not see any of them). With this confidence, I delivered my speech with utmost enjoyment, then in the Division contest and finally at the District contest.

What I learned is that nothing is impossible. With a great support system and mentorship, we can achieve the impossible. I thank my mentor Dan Magill (HSC Winner 2019), Purley Speakers, and my area director Debbie for their love and support.

Shivpriya Humorous Contest Winner

Can you spin a good yarn?

Speaking with humour is a great skill, and every year clubs across the District hold a humorous speech contest. There are three further rounds: area contests, division contests, and the district final. The criteria are the same as for any good speech. The additional task for the speakers is to give a speech with a message presented with humour and must be thematic in nature with an opening, body, and close, not a monologue or series of one-liners.

Year Contest Winner Club Division
2020-2021 Shivpriya Gowri Purley Speakers H
2019-2020 Paola Podesta London Olympians B
2018-2019 Daniel Magill Epsom Speakers H
2017-2018 Ola Aralepo Tube Talk C
2016-2017 Dallas Leigh-Martene London Olympians B
2015-2106 Selina Jones Aylesbury Speakers A
2014-2015 Tazud Miah Early Bird Speakers B
Year Contest Winner Club
2013 Brian Faulkner Speak Easy @Martlesham Speakers’ Club
2012 Tania West South West Speakers
2011 Ola Aralepo Tube Talk Toastmasters
2010 Adam Broomfield-Straun Arun Speakers
2009 Bob Ferguson Excalibur Speakers
2008 Michael Cronin Speakeasy, Cork
2007 Bev Avis-Dakin Spa Speakers
2006 Cole McInnes London Cardinals
2005 Gerry French Fingal Toastmasters Club
2004 Noreen McSweeney Muskerry Toastmasters
2003 Chris Cox Cambridge Speakers
2002 C. Blair Engineers Club
2001 Aileen Bennett London Corinthians
2000 Andrew Brammer Norwich Speakers
1999 Ray Cotter Lucan Club
1998 Siobhan O’Connor Castleknock Toastmasters Club
1996 David O’Keefe Cork
1995 Matt Lawlee Speakeasy, Cork
1994 Brendan Toale Glasnevin Club
1993 Liam Grimes Fingal Toastmasters Club
1992 Gerry Moran Kilkenny Club
1991 Mary O’Reilly Hellfire Club
1990 Noel O’Beara Fingal Toastmasters Club
1989 Niall Blake Ennis Toastmasters Club
1988 Ted Corcoran Fingal Toastmasters Club
1987 David Lindsey Thame Speakers