Showcasing dedication and exceptional service

Every year the District recognises members who have contributed through dedication and exceptional service with annual awards.

Toastmaster of the Year Area Director of the Year Division Director of the Year
2019/20 John Drinkwater Epsom Speakers Club Anja Eichen Area C 5 Liang T Li Division K
2018/19 Steve Birch, DTM Malvern Speakers & Worcester Speakers Sam Warner Area J 11 Janet Alkema Division A
2017/18 Beauty Zindi Watford Speakers Cat Kipling Area L 9 Seema Menon Division L
2016/17 Andy O’Sullivan Gordon Piggott Catherine Cannon Area H 32

Arnaud Sartre Area H 37

Steve Vear Division A

Rick Cooper Division J

2015/16 Alex de Jong Northavon Speakers Dudley Flynn Area L 47 Richard Blackman Division J
2014/15 Andrew Bennett Berkeley Square Speakers & Excalibur Speakers Brian Skelton Area L 33 Jill Segal Division B
2013/14 Tim Rampton Area 32 Vanessa King Division H
2012/13 Christina Hession Naas Club Susie Bloor Area 41 Anthony Day Division E
2011/12 Angela Farrell Sligo Speakers Club Greg Ros Area 31 Paul Walsh Division B
2010/11 Greg Ros St Paul’s Speakers Jean Gamester Area 4 Andy O’Sullivan Division B
2009/10 Jean Cunningham Cork Narmada Guruswamy Area 43 Hilary Briggs Division B
2008/09 Peter Kieran Iarnrod Eireann Hilary Briggs Area 31 Kate Thornhill Division C
2006/07 Malcolm Warden Bicester Speakers Brian Matthews Area 50 Kay Federico Division G
2005/06 Pauline McCabe Mullingar Toastmasters Jan Collings Area 22 Sean Brady Division D