Beat the Clock – Membership Building Contest

We’re now in the final 2 months of the Toastmasters year. To encourage all of your clubs to finish it with a bang, the ‘Beat the Clock’ membership building contest is now taking place.

Every club that add 5 new, dual or reinstated members between 1st May 2019 and 30th Jun 2019 will receive this prestigious award. You’ll be able to display this ribbon on your club banner with pride to show that you were one of the few clubs that finished the 2018/19 Toastmasters year with a bang.

In order to up the ante we will be offering amazing prizes to clubs achieving the following in District 91. The pizza party is back yay!

Gold Award – Adding 20+ members to your club – Free timing lights OR projector

Silver Award – Adding 10+ members to your club – £50 towards a pizza party celebration

Bronze Award – Adding 5+ members to your club – Free packs of ribbons

Winning this contest an reaping the amazing prizes is very easy!

  • You can organise a special Open-house meeting to attract plenty of guests to your clubs, like 15 clubs did so far this year. Extensive guidelines have been created to support you. District 91 will also help you by sending you a free box full of marketing materials, ribbons and name badges. Remember too that £100 towards room hire costs can be contributed if the meeting is held outside a normal meeting day.
  • You can use some of these 100s of membership building ideas collated by fellow Toastmasters in the United States.
  • First impressions matters. Making your guests feel welcome is super important and is easy to do. Appoint some club members as guestmasters to assist the sergeant at arms and VP Membership. Have the club President introduce him/herself to every guest. Oh and don’t forget to ask guests for feedback at the end of the meeting too.
  • Upgrade your club’s marketing presence, by for example adding it to Google Maps, posting regular updates with photos and videos on social networks and handing out flyers to members of the public. The more guests visit your meetings, the more members you’ll recruit!
  • Create a “bring a friend” initiative with the member bringing the most guest receiving a prize or a special award by the club.

Every member you recruit is another person whose life will be changed thanks to Toastmasters. Another person who will find his or her voice in one of your amazing club. Another friend to welcome into our growing community of like-minded individuals!

The race to beat the clock starts now!