District Conference is a highlight of the Toastmasters’ year. It is a remarkable event, full of educational and inspirational sessions, uplifting and valuable advice delivered by motivating speakers, and multiple speech contests. It is a festival of personal growth created by experienced enthusiasts.

A great Conference leaves a positive impression that lasts for years. A poorly organised one could cause great financial and reputational damage on the District. So it is important that there is a process in place to make regular reviews if the progress made by the Conference team, and to put any measures in place as early as possible to mitigate any problems that may occur.

As a learning organisation, we would like to have a flexible and reliable approach to organizing the annual Conference. Hence, the District has formed a dedicated committee that looks after this topic.

Conference Bid Committee

The District Conference Bid Team has been created and will be updated each year to ensure that District 91 complies with instructions from Toastmasters International, and that a fair approach is followed during the Conference setup process. This Toastmasters year, the Conference Bid Committee comprised:

  • Conference Bid Committee Chair – vacant – to be confirmed
  • Conference Bid Committee team member – vacant – to be confirmed

Committee members are appointed as needed to support the Chair.


To clarify the process and help potential bidders the District Conference Bid Team put together these Conference Bid Guidelines. Please consult this document to understand Conference Bid Governance, review Types of Conference considered, and learn Key Lessons from the 2021 Conference.

Put in a nutshell, when putting together a bid for a Conference, please take into account the following elements:

  • Experience and time commitment
  • Resources
  • Communication
  • Venue (or Online as an alternative) – consider all formats
  • Costs
  • Documentation
  • Safety Precautions

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions, please send them to conference.bids@d91toastmasters.org.uk

After that, check the updates on this page regularly as the answers to all questions received from all bidders will be published here.

Q: How do I register as a bidder? How do I make an expression of interest to organise a Conference?

A: Please send your request to conference.bids@d91toastmasters.org.uk

Q: What should I include in my bid application?

A: The bid should include, as a minimum, the following documents:

  • Profit and loss cost tracker
  • Project Plan
  • Stakeholder Tracker
  • Risk Log
  • Dependencies log
  • Assumptions Log

Q: When is the next year’s Conference?

A: The 2023 Conference will be held on the weekend in May 2023.

Q: What is the deadline to send my bid application?

A: All completed bids must be submitted by 23:59 on the 31st July 2022.

Q: Should a Conference team be from one Toastmasters club or area?

A: Contrary to the previous years’ practice, the Conference Committee can be formed from outside of one specific Toastmasters Club or close area.

Last Updated on 7th May 2022 by Olga Galaiko