Hat-trick Award

The “Hat-trick Award”

The “Hat-trick Award” runs throughout the 2021-2022 programme year

This combined award encompasses some hidden gems and some of the best kept Toastmasters secrets.

This is a unique award that combines Club and Individual achievements throughout the Toastmasters year.

Between 1st July 2021 and 15th June 2022 the first 20 clubs who

will win £150 once all three challenges have been completed. The Treasurer of winning clubs will have a month from the date of the email notification to submit an expense claim {using Concur) for something that benefits your club and its members (guidelines apply). For example, you can buy official Toastmaster supplies for your club and we’ll refund up to £150.00.

It’s a challenging task, which is why the reward is so great.

How to Claim

If a club believes they have achieved this award, please email our Program Quality Director with relevant information.

You would need to provide for verification the following:

  1. Name and surname of a member who has completed the Pathways Mentor Program and their completion certificate. Their name should be visible on the daily educational achievements report.
  2. Confirmation about the Open House. This will be cross-referenced with the Club Growth Director’s records.
  3. Completion certificate by the Speechcraft coordinator.